Booker T on His Relationship with Sasha Banks

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Booker T on His Relationship with Sasha Banks

Booker T recently spoke about his relationship with Sasha Banks on his podcast. According to him he has no real heat with Sasha Banks. Banks recently won the Smackdown Women’s Title at the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV. She is now a WWE Grand Slam Champion.

Many people thought that Booker T has some kind of Heat with Banks as he stated he "don't like Sasha Banks" before the Hell in a Cell PPV. On his recent podcast episode, he stated that fans do not need to worry.

He said that people simply misunderstood his comment.

Booker T on his Heat with Sasha Banks

"First and foremost, this is wrestling, guys," laughed Booker T. "I do hope that only younger people are sending me out those tweets and are concerned about my relationship with Sasha Banks, and whether we're gonna make it through 2020."

He continued, "On the real, though, I really appreciate what Sasha brings to the table. "She's a special talent and better than a majority of the women [on the roster]. In our business, you have to be able to go out and make people feel a certain way, and Sasha has the ability to do exactly that," he added.

According to Booker T, Banks has the ability to bring out the best out of her opponents. She demonstrated that ability in her previous two Hell in a Cell matches with Becky Lynch and Bayley. Banks has competed in three Hell in a Cell matches and now holds a 1-2 record.

"She is not afraid of throwing caution to the wind, she's willing to put it all on the line inside the squared circle. I appreciate that storytelling. She's a great storyteller. "I'm not going to deny that Sasha is one of the best female talents the company has ever had.

A lot of the ladies in the locker room can learn from her." Booker T criticized Bayley in one of his previous podcast episodes. In response, Bayley stated that the Golden Role Models were a better tag team than Harlem Heat.

That led to some people believing that there is some heat between Booker and Banks. "As I've said before, Bayley may not be great at anything but she's good at everything," said Booker T. "She can seriously work.

That's not a slight at all. I wasn't great at anything, either. But I was good at everything and knew how to tell a good story. "Bayley may not be able to do a hurricanrana or moonsault, but she can do the working parts of the business and do everything right in a match."