Why Retribution has been losing steam

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Why Retribution has been losing steam

After a surprising start, with Retribution athletes doing nothing but attacking any Superstar or WWE insider in their path, Monday Night Raw's Chaos Stable has slowly lost ground, coming to be treated as the last of the jobbers in Raw's rings.

In an update, it was reported by Ringside News that the group has lost steam in the storylines because WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon lost interest. This is nothing new for the WWE creative process as many acts have lost their momentum over the years because of Vince losing interest.

Why Retribution has been losing steam

Obviously, without even wondering, behind the desire to bury the Retribution, there would be none other than the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, who, as usual, would have lost a lot of interest in the stable of Night Raw, by now giving very little space to the masked boys and mostly making them lose in a rather embarrassing way.

A WWE creative source that is very close to the Retribution situation noted that the group is the victim of the same thing everyone else is a victim of – lack of focus at the very top. The very top being McMahon and WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard, who also works as the Executive Director of RAW and SmackDown.

Ringside News has learned why Retribution lost steam, but it’s not a new reason at all. Typical of WWE, the Chairman lost interest. They had a ton of momentum, but it has quickly diminished. A member of the creative team with very close knowledge of this situation told us that “Retribution is the victim of the same thing everyone else is a victim of here.

Lack of focus at the very top”. The “very top” is Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard. It is interesting that the entire Retribution stable consists of Paul Heyman guys (or girl in Reckoning’s case). They were placed in this stable and Mustafa Ali was given them to lead, but it’s hard to do anything when Vince McMahon loses focus.

This is not the end of Retribution, but as the weeks go by the faction’s longevity is definitely in question. Helms was a recent guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, where he spoke about numerous things, including RETRIBUTION.

He said that fan opinions can change as he cited the example of The Rock, who debuted as Rocky Maivia which did not go well for him. They genuinely did not like Rocky Maivia. I think even he looks back when he debuted in Survivor Series and the outfit with the goofy hair and the tassels and all of that.

I'm sure he doesn't look back at that now and go, 'man, that was pretty cool.' That wasn't intended to get heat, but it did. There are things that can happen organically, and generally, if something happens organically, I think we both can admit, that's generally the best stuff."