WWE Survivor Series plan for Drew McIntyre revealed

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WWE Survivor Series plan for Drew McIntyre revealed

The Hell in A Cell Main Event saw him relinquish the title of WWE Champion and there is a lot of curiosity about the future plans of the Stamford-based federation for Drew McIntyre. Initially as reported by colleagues at Ringside News it was expected that McIntyre initially was to remain WWE Champion but that changed in the finale and just before the federation's Pay per View.

In the last episode of Raw there was a hard fight between Drew McIntyre and the new WWE Champion Randy Orton with The Fiend Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss watching the fight between the two. Ringside News exclusively reported that Drew McIntyre was originally penciled in to win at Hell in a Cell.

WWE changed that finish around. McIntyre will now be Captain of Team Raw at Survivor Series.

Update on Drew McIntyre

WWE’s next pay-per-view is Survivor Series on November 22nd, and the company is putting the matches together.

Consequently, it is unknown if and when there will be a rematch between Drew McIntyre and Orton but the plans for The Scottish Psychopath now seem clear and defined. Similar situation for the duo of Otis and Tucker. The latter was the protagonist of a great and sensational betrayal in the latest Pay-Per-View (PPV) Hell in a Cell, betrayal towards his great friend Otis.

However, the two will not be engaged in a single battle as the WWE Universe hypothesized but apparently they will take part in opposing factions in this Raw vs SmackDown clash. At the moment, the former members of Heavy Machinery will therefore not have a single match, issues perhaps postponed for the future.

We already covered when WWE made the decision for Tucker to turn on Otis. A Survivor Series showdown between the former Heavy Machinery members is now part of the plan. WWE has a lot of time before the November 22nd event rolls around.

There are also a ton of things that can derail plans, and that has happened in the last few months. As of this writing, they are still getting things together and putting pieces in place for Survivor Series. Keep in mind that plans can always change in WWE.

But even if Edge and Orton restart their feud ahead of WrestleMania, this doesn't mean McIntyre has to stay completely out of the main event picture. If Brock Lesnar returns to WWE in the near future, it makes sense to resume the program with McIntyre.

The latter is no longer the WWE Champion, sure, but these two displayed excellent chemistry together during their promos and in the ring. The WWE title doesn't have to be involved to bring back the Lesnar-McIntyre feud.

Or, WWE could book McIntyre against another established main event star in the mid-card scene. Somebody like Wyatt, who has also been moved out of the main event scene, would be the perfect opponent for Drew McIntyre.