More details on backstage confusion over Randy Orton's win

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More details on backstage confusion over Randy Orton's win

WWE Hell in a Cell was a particularly positive all-round event, with several matches being praised for their quality and others for their surprising results. Including the main event, which saw Drew McIntyre hand over the WWE Champion belt to Randy Orton.

A result that, apparently, has generated a lot of amazement even among the wrestlers themselves under contract with the WWE. According to a report from Fightful Select (h/t Lennard Surrao of Sportskeeda), there was "plenty of confusion" backstage over WWE's decision to have Orton dethrone McIntyre as the champion.

Multiple wrestlers revealed their thoughts to Fightful. They were confused because WWE had spent several months protecting and building up Orton as "the Legend Killer", only to have him pick up a handful of losses before eventually winning the title.

More details on backstage confusion over Randy Orton's win

As mentioned, the outcome of the Hell in a Cell between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre (dethroned of the title won at Wrestlemania 36) surprised a large part of the WWE locker room.

Although everyone has great respect for the Legend Killer, a wrestler who over the years has also helped a lot in the growth of the young people of the federation, the choice to award him the title has in fact surprised many.

'Fightful Select' even spoke of a "confused backstage" from the outcome of the match, especially considering the many defeats Randy Orton has remedied in recent months. It was believed that The Viper was much "hotter" in recent months, while its momentum would have run out in the meantime.

Apparently, however, all of this could only have heated the waters in view of the next screaming challenge with Edge. And where the stakes will be very high. The belief is that Randy Orton will clash with Edge in a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania 37.

The two were in the midst of a feud before Edge suffered a torn triceps injury at Backlash, which has kept him out long-term. The hope is that he'll be back well before WrestleMania to build towards that match. McIntyre flourished in every way possible as the WWE Champion and top babyface of Raw.

But the run had to end at some point, and Orton was the perfect candidate to defeat him. One has to think that McIntyre will enjoy another WWE Championship reign in the not-so-distant future, given how quickly he grew into a top-tier main event star.

As reported by the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer yesterday, Orton is expected to hold Raw's top prize until at least WrestleMania 37, where it is thought he will put it on the line against a returning Edge.