Rey Mysterio talks about his daughter Aalyah

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Rey Mysterio talks about his daughter Aalyah

For several months now, this is the storyline of the Mysterio family struggling with Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy in WWE and let's face it clearly this situation has now become natural programming before Raw and now Friday Night Smackdown.

This feud is attracting a lot of attention and every week new ingredients intrigue the WWE Universe. Lately, it is the relationship between Rey Mysterio's daughter, the very young Aalyah and Buddy Murphy, that has intrigued all wrestling fans.

During a recent appearance on the WWE broadcast The Bump, the Mexican-born wrestler spoke about this situation.

Rey Mysterio on his daughter Aalyah

Here are Rey Mysterio's remarks about it: "Believe it or not, we go home and out of the Amway Center, discuss what happened every week.

Let's try to understand this situation, let's try to understand what is the best solution and we all agree with the same opinion, we need to put an end to this story with Seth Rollins. Then you have to move on to Murphy and you have to understand what intentions he has with my daughter Aalyah."

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown Seth Rollins beat Buddy Murphy in the Main Event of the show and at the end of the match, Rey's daughter, Aalyah, came to Murphy's rescue trying to defend him from the Friday Night Messiah.

Then Dominick and then Rey Mysterio arrived and thwarted the attack. Regarding this situation, Rey Mysterio said: "We have always had a very good relationship. We communicate a lot but for some reason, this thing has recently separated us.

Things are on the edge and still not clear, I don't understand why he's not opening up to me." As for Seth Rollins, the WWE Messiah is looking for new disciples to pass on his knowledge to. Interestingly, Austin Theory left WWE NXT recently and maybe who knows he could return to the main roster and be a Rollins disciple again.

Since the rivalry between Rollins and The Mysterio Family began, we have seen it all between these two: eye pokes, questions regarding who exactly was Aalyah Mysterio's real father, and Murphy's betrayal as a Disciple.

Although many believed their feud had finally hit the end mark after The Draft, it still is ongoing. Rollins hopes to squash their long-standing feud very soon. "Yeah. You know, I was hoping that SmackDown would be a fresh start for me, but they [the Mysterio Family] don't seem to feel that way," he said with some annoyance in his voice.

"I guess we're going to have to finish that unfinished business before I move on to the next chapter, or whatever the first chapter of 'The SmackDown Savoir' will be."