Former WWE Diva Paige Get Emotional About Closing Twitch Account

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Former WWE Diva Paige Get Emotional About Closing Twitch Account

The very popular former WWE Diva Paige recently spoke about closing her Twitch account and got emotional. The WWE has ordered all of its superstars to end their relationships with any and all third parties if they are not through WWE.

Basically, WWE wants its wrestlers to be bound to WWE and not have any additional sources of income. WWE stars actually used to generate a good amount of extra income through Twitch, Cameo, YouTube and deals with various advertisers.

It appears that they will have to discontinue all of it and can only go through WWE for all future deals.

Paige Gets Emotional About Closing Her Twitch

Paige was a very popular WWE Diva and won the Divas championship twice during her career.

She had to end her career early as she suffered a horrible neck injury. Due to that injury, doctors told her never to wrestle again, as she might end up getting paralysed for life. Even though she is retired, she still works for WWE, just not in the ring.

This is what Paige said on her channel: "You guys. We have to make this... you guys. There may be a time where I have to stop streaming," Paige said. "So, I just think in case I walk away, if I have to walk away, let's make these next two streams crazy.

I have to go off. If I have to leave, we make today and Saturday f--king crazy before I have to leave, because it might have to come to that”. During her stream, she also stated that she probably will not be able to deal with WWE anymore.

This is a clear sign that Paige is not happy that WWE is forcing her to close her Twitch account mainly because she built a community for herself and her fans using Twitch. "I've honestly got to the point where I cannot deal with this company anymore," Paige said.

"So now I have to make a very important decision. I'm f--king tired, man. I broke my f--king neck twice, twice for this company, over f--king worked. I broke my neck twice for this company and all I wanted was to... they don't realize that this community isn't just about f--king subs.

It isn't about that. It isn't about that. We built a wonderful community, a wonderful f--king family where this is an escape for a lot of people, including myself. I can't wrestle anymore, I was worked so hard in WWE that I can't wrestle anymore.

My neck is f--ked, my whole dream got taken away from me, dude, and I had to have something that fulfilled even a small part of that huge f--king void that I lost with wrestling. A huge f--king void. I couldn't wrestle anymore, something I lived, breathed, f--king s--t wrestling since I was a fetus, dude, and it got ripped away from me, and I had to find something that even filled a little bit of that. Twitch was such a wonderful thing for me, it's such a wonderful place for me."