Big E On The New Day’s Success

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Big E On The New Day’s Success

Big E is a former member of The New Day and he recently spoke about The New Day’s success in WWE. The New Day started as a comedy group but quickly became involved in some big WWE storylines. Kofi Kingston, one of their members went on to become WWE Champion at WrestleMania 35!

Big E spoke about The New Day’s recent split due to the WWE Draft. He stated that no other group was split that way.

Big E On The New Day’s Success

"I can't recall any other faction that was able to break up, to split the way we were," Big E said on OutKick Live.

"And that's something that meant a lot to us. We always wanted to portray this very real sense of brotherhood, of three guys who genuinely wanted the best for each other. You never had the betrayals, the hitting each other with a chair, the backstabbing.

We got to do something unique - we got to be ourselves. And for that, I'm really grateful." Big E then spoke about his wonderful memories with The New Day. He spoke about being at Kofi’s side when he won the WWE Title "We were able to do something really great, you know, with Kofi becoming World Champion," Big E said.

"A guy who had been deserving of that opportunity for many years but, you know, a guy like Kofi typically never gets that chance because he's viewed-- he's typically viewed as a guy like, 'Oh, he can go', and we all know he's good.

But there's 'a ceiling' to where he can go in pro wrestling, and I'm really proud of the fact that we were able to break through a lot of those glass ceilings." "I remember there was a conversation with Big Show," Big E said.

"In 2014, where Big Show saw where we were, and he said-- he pulled Kofi aside in front of me and Woods and said, 'Kofi, what are you doing with those two idiots?' referring to me and Woods. He essentially said, not even joking around, that this is a sinking ship, you're better than this, you're World Championship material.

So I remember Kofi being, and rightfully so, the guy a ton of people had a lot of respect for, a guy that Big Show clearly thought was better than being saddled with this group.