Update on Dominik Mysterio's WWE future

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Update on Dominik Mysterio's WWE future

Dominik Mysterio's plans in WWE are constantly being updated since the day his son of art stepped foot into WWE and Vince McMahon's federation seems to be positively drawn to his performance and presence in the ring.

In recent weeks, Rey Mysterio has hinted that he could sign an interesting Tag Team with his son Dominik and the two could soon be vying for the title of Tag Team Champion on the Smackdown roster. Speaking to The Bump, the former three-time WWE World Champion admitted that in his life he would never have imagined the possibility of competing for a title with his son, but now that they have been identified as a Tag Team at SmackDown, he admitted that this could be his future.

News on Dominik Mysterio

While he is currently injured, Rey joined Dominik Mysterio during the WWE Draft by being moved to WWE SmackDown. It is clear that the duo is going to continue working together with storylines on television, and Rey spoke about a desire to become Tag Team Champions alongside Dominik.

“There’s a lot of challenges out there for Dom and for me on SmackDown, and we’ve talked about gold, something that is really in the back of our minds. What better time for us to obtain some gold as tag teams? I think that would be a dream that I did not have contemplated during this time.

We always talked about being able to share the ring together, but when you talk about gold, it literally could be right around the corner”. So far the two of them have only played two matches as Tag Team in WWE. On the first occasion, they challenged Raw Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy and the match ended in a No Contest.

Six days later the Mysterio family won against the same opponents in Payback's Pay per View. Dominick has yet to play an official match on the blue roster since his move to SmackDown, but he appeared in the last episode in the segment that also featured his sister Aalyah, Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy.

It is not excluded that in the future the Mysterio family will come to a challenge for the title against the Street Profits. Rey and Dominik Mysterio would undoubtedly reinvigorate the division although they’ve only teamed up twice, fighting to a no-contest in the first and winning the second. Regardless, a match between the Mysterio’s and SmackDown Champions Street Profits is a mouth-watering prospect.