Charlotte Flair wants to face Michelle McCool

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Charlotte Flair wants to face Michelle McCool

After an absence that has lasted for several weeks now, with the daughter of WWE's Nature Boy, Charlotte Flair, who no longer treads the rings of Monday Night Raw nor those of Friday Night Smackdown for a few months, it would seem that the desire to return to wrestling of the former McMahon-owned rings' world champion is stronger than ever, with the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, taking on a challenge that fans and the other direct interested would be very curious and amused to see.

In the last episode of WWE The Bump, in fact, the former female champion of Vince McMahon's company, as well as wife of the legendary The Undertaker in real life, Michelle McCool, was invited as a guest of the evening, with the blonde who became champion of the ring of the Stamford company when the Divas title was still up for grabs, which gladly accepted the challenge raised by the WWE secondary program presenters.

Charlotte Flair wants to face Michelle McCool

Although the two crossed very little if at all in the corridors of the company, at least not as colleagues, with the wife of the WWE Deadman who would have in fact retired just before the rise of Charlotte Flair in the female Olympus of pro-world wrestling, the desire of the two to put on a great match could never have been too dormant in their minds.

Interviewed precisely about this probable dream match, Michelle McCool confirmed her interest in a possible challenge with Charlotte Flair, with what in effect could be one of the most important and beautiful matches in the recent history of women's wrestling.

If all this were not enough, after literally closing the doors to a return of Trish Stratus to the WWE rings, after the match lost against the Queen of the company in last year's edition of Summerslam, which in fact was the last career match of the Canadian who became famous at the beginning of the 2000s in the McMahon-owned rings, Charlotte would now have expressed the intention of going to battle also against the wife of the Deadman, in what could very well be the closing match of her career, with Queen giving her green light on Twitter, with a simple emoticon.

Last night, she made some noise by suggesting that there’s a certain dream match she wouldn’t mind taking part in once she returns. After sending Trish Stratus into retirement last year, you can bet Charlotte would love nothing more than to do the same to McCool.