Has Roman Reigns facing his first problems since comeback at WWE?

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Has Roman Reigns facing his first problems since comeback at WWE?

A few months since his sensational return to the WWE rings at Summerslam, Roman Reigns is back to reigning stronger than before as an unscrupulous heel character – something he has never covered in his career, with the short stint he had with the Shield on the side of the villains, which has never been featured so much as this latest work alongside Paul Heyman.

In recent weeks, WWE has already made it clear to fans of the company that Roman Reigns will continue to reign on Smackdown TV screens for a long time, with the Tribal Chief of the Anoa'i family beginning to build his following in a very important way.

also as a heel, especially thanks to the services of his cousin Jey Uso, who after the defeat of Hell in a Cell will now have to follow step by step every order given by the Universal champion.

Has WWE already finished off opponents for Roman Reigns?

One of the problems that the management of the Stamford company seems to have not thought about, however, is the possible lack of opponents that will shortly present itself for the champion of the blue show, once the special event of the Survivor Series, the next 22 of November.
Once the Champion vs Champion challenge with Randy Orton (or Drew McIntyre should win the title match of the next episode of Raw ) of WWE's last Big Four of the year is over, Roman Reigns could apparently find himself without a convincing opponent in the ring by Smackdown.

As reported in one of the analyzes made during one of the latest updates of the Wrestling Observer by Dave Meltzer, in fact:

"Obviously the ratings are going up now. They still have three big angles to stage. But you know, now there is the problem that Roman no longer has an opponent.

We have Daniel Bryan who was beaten cleanly by Jey Uso and in a way that - he had an injury that will bring him back to the scene, but they went to great lengths not to make Daniel Bryan look like a possible opponent of Reigns.

Then we have Kevin Owens who was also beaten by Jey Uso and in the same match, which was still a good match, but they didn't make Kevin look ready for Roman Reigns anyway." Apparently, the WWE at the moment is said to not know what to do with Roman Reigns – its all-time champion of Smackdown, with a possible new opponent who could even come from another situation or another storyline, such as the one between Mysterio and Seth Rollins, with the prominent characters of the blue roster who can now be counted on the fingers of one hand.