Is WWE looking to rehire someone it sacked in April 2020?

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Is WWE looking to rehire someone it sacked in April 2020?

During the middle week of last April, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) got its hands on its brands and went to cut several important components of its rosters, starting from wrestlers, passing through referees and road agents and reaching various components of the offices and the behind-the-scenes of the federation, with a massive cut of over 100 people, which was set up due to the aftermath of the world pandemic.

After losing his beloved audience and thus also all the live events WWE held during the week when they weren't busy with the TV tapings or company Pay-Per-Views (PPVs), the staff who had been contracted by the McMahons over the years are sadly becoming unusable or otherwise superfluous for most, with WWE being so forced to make these difficult decisions.

WWE: Do the McMahons want to bring No Way Jose back to the ring?

Among the many talents released on the black day of April 15th, the former NXT athlete was also included, then also seen in the main roster rings, No Way Jose, with the curly boy of the company who had never been used anymore occasionally or in any case in a very profitable way in the rings of the McMahon-owned company.

Apparently, according to what was reported in the last few hours by the Fightful website, WWE may have changed its mind, bringing back the athlete's name, with a new trademark that would have been registered in recent days and that could bring back to the former talent.

WWE recently released. According to several sources inside the WWE, especially with regard to the NXT sector, it would seem that the name put among the rights of the company, or "The Way", could go to be associated with the thirty-two who was released months ago by WWE and which has not appeared in any other company since the McMahon federation's release and non-compete clause.

After completely changing his look, as you can see from the video posted below, WWE may well have thought of putting the athlete back under contract, bringing the wrestler back with a brand new gimmick and even a new name on his rings.

No Way Jose, whose real name is Levis Valenzuela Jr., joined WWE in 2015. He started off with NXT before becoming a part of WWE in 2018. Since his forced departure from WWE, No Way Jose has rejoined the indie circuit and has been wrestling under the name Levy Valenz.