Another WWE departure: Jerry Soto departs; details inside

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Another WWE departure: Jerry Soto departs; details inside

During this decidedly unique and unrepeatable 2020 (hopefully), WWE has encountered several difficulties encountered with a global pandemic that no one would ever have imagined, after a small outbreak that slowly became a real global pandemic, which it has affected all the countries of the world, including the most industrialized USA, Italy, Germany, China and Japan.

After having had to put his hand to the "scissors" in April to be able to go and cut different of his staff now unusable given the absence of live shows of the company and also given the absence of live audience in the shows that WWE continues to send in a wave from his ThunderDome built in the Amway Center in Orlando, with the company of the McMahons that had already fired dozens of people, in the last period several other cuts would have been carried out in a silent manner by the Stamford-based federation.

After eliminating several members of the creative team, unused athletes, backstage workers, road agents and referees, WWE also switched to cutting foreign language commentators, with the same fate that befell Jerry Soto, the Spanish-speaking commentator who had worked for WWE since 2011 and had taken over from outgoing Hugo Savinovich after his dismissal.

According to what the 39-year-old commentator himself revealed to the Super Luchas website, WWE is said to have put him on leave from April, except to never call him back to the federation's comment table and therefore no longer paying the commentator's salary since then.

Jerry Soto on his WWE release

Through a message delivered by Jerry Soto to the site that deals with Mexican wrestling and everything related to Latin America, we learn that: "Hi. Officially I don't have a job anymore.

I took some time to tell you but lately I've been put on temporary leave from WWE since April. Now, it's time for me to find another job, possibly active. I write it here at least I could come to your mind if you have employment opportunities for me.

Thank you for your time. 'It is not the end, but another beginning. If you too have lost your job, be patient, be calm and strong and a sanitized hug to everyone!'" Apparently, even the Spanish WWE commentator would have returned to the famous cuts of April, but would have confirmed only in the last period his departure from the McMahon federation, with the last message left to the Lucha Libre site which is practically a curriculum that the commentator wanted to leave to all the companies he listened to, for job opportunities for him.