WWE turns Braun Strowman babyface on Raw

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WWE turns Braun Strowman babyface on Raw

In recent months, WWE has had to rely on many of its Superstars who had been kept a little on the sidelines until 2019, with the worldwide pandemic erupting earlier this year which has not only upset the plans of the WWE for several storylines, also dismissed several athletes from the federation rings for several weeks or months.

With the likes of Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Edge, and many more weighty athletes leaving the scene, though they all had a different reason for abstaining from the company's in-ring action, WWE had to inevitably go and focus on some wrestlers who so far had not yet had the opportunity to shine in the main events, with one of the most important names that have gone to consolidate in this very strange 2020, which was certainly that of Braun Strowman.

In the long-awaited but brief feud, he had at Smackdown with Bray Wyatt and his alter ego, the Fiend, Braun Strowman ended up becoming a heel, with a swim in the swampy waters of Wyatt's headquarters that brought all the evil sides to the persona of the bearded giant of the WWE, with the then Universal champion of the federation, who had thus gone from being a babyface to being a villain in all respects.

Update on Braun Strowman

Apparently, however, WWE would have returned to consider one of its top athletes who switched to Monday Night Raw thanks to this year's Draft, as a real face, with the well-known overseas site, PW Insider, who has in fact reported during the past few hours: "Although Strowman was turned into a heel at Smackdown after being thrown into the swamp by Bray Wyatt and only a few weeks ago, he purposely hit Keith Lee with a low blow, Strowman would be internally considered to be one of the main babyfaces of the game.

brand of Raw" Despite the numerous angles seen at Smackdown first and then Raw, the leadership of the federation continues to consider its bearded giant as one of the faces of the red roster, with the next opponents of the Monster Among Men who will therefore be heels and not faces, very much probably.

Throughout the pandemic, traveling considerably less than he normally would if WWE were on tour, Strowman has capitalized upon that additional time by reshaping his body. “I want my body transformation to give hope to people,” says Adam Scherr, who is easily identifiable as the 6' 8" Strowman.

“I challenge everyone out there to start by setting little goals for yourself and then achieving them. After a while, those turn into big goals”. After debuting in WWE at 385 pounds, then wrestling the majority of his career at 370, Strowman has trimmed down and tightened up his look.