WWE Raw possibly in danger with USA Network

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WWE Raw possibly in danger with USA Network

In recent weeks, we have unfortunately witnessed yet another collapse in TV ratings for WWE, with the latest episodes of Monday Night Raw reaching levels never reached before, also thanks to the great sports competition received by the McMahon company, which thus found herself making two of the most negative records in the history of the company, in terms of views received.

Apparently, the huge relationship that there was and is between the McMahon-owned company and the television station that airs Monday Night Raw and NXT, aka USA Network, may no longer be as idyllic as it once was, with the product offered by the Stamford federation, which is slowly losing appeal to the American TV giant, which could soon download the WWE.

WWE Raw possibly in danger with USA Network

According to what Vince Russo declared in the usual episode of the weekly chat at Sportskeeda's Legion, the relationship between the number one wrestling company in the world and the American network would no longer be the best, with the former well-known face of the WCW who in fact wanted to reveal: "I'll tell you something.

I won't tell you who, but since I still talk a lot with people who work in the Networks, being a character who has worked on it for years, both with Spike and with the Turners and with USA - I will also tell you that I have learned a lot from Networks and by those who worked inside.

Someone over the course of the week told me that WWE no longer has a good relationship with USA Network. Now I don't know what the relationship with FOX is like, but I know for a fact that WWE is no longer a priority for USA Network.

So I can't imagine how they will be able (the McMahons ndr) to reach a renewal for their contract. Of course, we all know wrestling and we know that anyway they will find someone to broadcast their shows. They thought the ratings would rise with the ThunderDome.

Well it was good at first, but after three weeks already, with a three hour show, things got tough again and lost a lot of following once again. They went back to where they left off." According to Vince Russo, therefore, the relationship between WWE and the USA Network would be gradually wearing out, with the future of the Stamford company on the famous American TV channel that would no longer be as certain as was in the McMahons' thinking until recently.