Vince McMahon persuaded Tyson Kidd to not risk another injury

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Vince McMahon persuaded Tyson Kidd to not risk another injury
Vince McMahon persuaded Tyson Kidd to not risk another injury (Provided by Wrestling World)

Over the past few years, WWE has offered us two world-class athletes, who have gone to break their retirement to return to fight in the federation's rings, with Edge and Daniel Bryan now seeming destined not to have to compete again on a pro-wrestling ring, due to the devastating injuries encountered during their respective careers.

One of those characters who, on the other hand, remained at home because of the nasty neck injury that almost killed him, is the husband of Smackdown's Superstar, Natalya, or former WWE athlete Tyson Kidd, who was injured in a match a few years ago against Samoa Joe, who unfortunately had unintentionally fractured the boy's cervical vertebrae with his finisher.

Big E praised Tyson Kidd and stated that Kidd is a good teacher and one of the best wrestling minds that he has come across. The WWE SmackDown star asked Kidd if has thought about returning to the ring. Kidd revealed that he wanted to return and revealed the conversation that he had with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

In his latest interview with the New Day podcast, or "The New Day Feel The Power", the boy from Calgary said: "I started playing with the idea of ​​being able to return. I wanted to at least write my last page of the book as an in-ring performer and thought 'What better moment than the Royal Rumble?'"

Vince McMahon persuaded Tyson Kidd to not risk another injury

"During rehearsals, I had already shown Balor how to be eliminated, so I was sure I could fall over the three ropes too, so I remember talking to Vince about this and he said 'You need an answer right away or give me some time to think about it?' I obviously said he could think about it easily.

In the end, after telling him that I could easily take part in both the next edition of the Rumble and the next year, without haste, Vince came to me and replied 'I've thought a lot about the various scenarios that we could cover with our work and although we can keep many things under control, there will always be those aspects that you cannot control and that could go to ruin all those good things that have happened in the last two years'

In practice, Vince McMahon's thought was 'You work well as a producer, why to risk your physical, but also mental, form for only one match after what happened to you?' This was his last answer after 2 or 3 weeks of my question and what finally happened after three months of this talk? A fan attacked Bret Hart and Nattie in the ring, knocking them down and that could happen to me, compromising my situation." Apparently, Tyson Kidd's wrestler career is said to be considered completely closed by now, with the young Canadian talent, unfortunately, having to come to terms with it.

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