JBL: 'Brock Lesnar is all time respected athlete'

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JBL: 'Brock Lesnar is all time respected athlete'

Former WWE Champion JBL intervened in a pleasant chat on Unskripted where he interacted with fans and colleague Dr Chris Featherstone. The current WWE commentator has covered many topics, talked about his experience as a wrestler and also told a particular anecdote about one of the most important wrestlers in the recent history of Vince McMahon's federation, the current Free Agent Brock Lesnar.

JBL on Brock Lesnar

During the interview, JBL thanked for being contacted and revealed his experience with The Beast Incarnate: "We had a lot of fun. Brock Lesnar greatly admired and respected Curt Hennig, also known as Mr.

Perfect. Curt helped us in, we were all good friends and for that reason, I traveled a lot with Brock Lesnar "In general The Beast had great respect for Curt and admired him, his untimely passing left the man in pieces, he was seen crying on camera in the past while talking to him.

Hennig passed away in February 2003, just weeks before Brock Lesnar played the lead on his first show at WrestleMania. He was one of the greatest superstars in history and as he himself reiterated several times he would have been proud of him.

Right now Brock Lesnar is off-screen and has no deal with WWE. There is talk of his eventual return to the federation when it will be possible to play shows abroad and play shows with the presence of the public. Brock Lesnar is a particular character and former referee Jimmy Korderas spoke about his attitude as follows: "He was fine, he understood his role very well.

In the beginning, he was like a sponge, he acquired information and learned everything that came to him said. As time went by he started to get into his character but instead of saying no and stating I'll never do this he would simply reply 'Do you think I'd ever do such a thing."

Brock Lesnar had tons of respect for Curt Hennig and looked up to the WWE legend. Hennig’s premature passing left Brock Lesnar broken, and he had been seen tearing on camera whilst talking about him. Curt Hennig passed away in February 2003, mere weeks prior to Brock Lesnar headlined the series at his first WrestleMania.

Brock went on to become among the best Superstars in WWE history, and Hennig would have been proud of him had he been there to view his own rise to the top.