Bruce Prichard discusses WrestleMania 2 being a failed experiment

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Bruce Prichard discusses WrestleMania 2 being a failed experiment

Bruce Prichard returned to WWF in 1993 playing two new characters who were short-lived. The first was called The Wizard, a heel television commentator (who never appeared on video), the second was Reo Rodgers, a caricature and satire of Dusty Rhodes, who was even less successful than the previous character.

Subsequently, he worked behind the scenes as a booker and "right-hand man" to Vince McMahon. However, he wore the role of Brother Love again on some occasional special occasions. Brother Love reappeared on the WWF in November 1995.

He hosted the Brother Love Show once again, this time on Monday Night Raw, in what would later prove to be a pivotal moment in WWF history, Brother Love hosted Ted DiBiase as he introduced the audience The Ringmaster, a character who would later turn into Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In January 1996, Brother Love disappeared from the scene again. In January 1997, Love made a surprise return during an episode of Shotgun Saturday Night, helping the Flying Nuns defeat the Godwinns. In 2001, Brother Love participated in WrestleMania X-Seven's "Gimmick Battle Royal"

In a recent edition of Something to Wrestle, Bruce Prichard discussed WrestleMania 2 being a failed experiment. “I think a portion of that is so. It was probably a good idea at the time from the standpoint of ‘This will be different,'" he said.

Bruce Prichard on WrestleMania 2

"Well, it sure was different. Different doesn’t always equal good. But trying something new, yes they did do that and they were able to emanate from three different locations, but it was a failed experiment and not something you look back in hindsight and say ‘Wow, that was really an artistic masterpiece’ because it just wasn’t.

And you have to take into account those people who paid money in New York who get their show done, and now they have to sit through Chicago and LA. It had to be brutal" - Bruce Prichard said. On why Vince liked Bundy, he added: “Because Bundy was fucking huge.

Bundy was huge, and Bundy could move for a big man of that time. He was able to get up and get off his ass and move……that’s definitely what Vince saw in him that all of a sudden, here’s this guy – I don’t know how tall [Bundy] was, he was probably 6-6 or 6-7 at least – he was a tall guy.

He was big, wide, and couldn’t walk into a regular doorframe. He had to turn sideways at times. Vince looked at this and saw that dome – but still, he looked at him and thought ‘Man, there’s something missing.’ And he had Bundy shave his eyebrows, which if you go back and you look, you’ll see a more menacing Bundy.

I think it is something to be said when you shave the eyebrows of a bald-headed man like that, it added a little bit of intimidation. It just made him look scarier, and you had to look at him twice”.