Original plans for this year’s WWE WrestleMania revealed

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Original plans for this year’s WWE WrestleMania revealed

As you all know by now, during the beginning of this strange 2020, WWE was forced like all other pro-wrestling companies in the world, to say goodbye (at least momentarily) to its much-loved audience, with fans who for a long time, they will not be invited as an audience in WWE TV shows, nor in live ones not filmed by cameras.

In addition to this setback, WWE also had to assess the financial emergency arising from a very large staff, who as there were no more live events or the public to watch and control, had become really too expensive and useless in this situation.

Among the many talents who have lost their place in the organization chart of the federation, (in this case only to give a shock to the ratings in free fall), however, also Paul Heyman, who until a few months ago was the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, while now he has returned to being "simply" the on-screen manager, without having such an important role in the backstage.

According to what was revealed by the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, initially, the ideas for the card of the most anticipated event of 2020 were quite different, with many matches that were staged as Heyman had already imagined before his departure and many others that have been modified during construction, One of the big matches that missed the WrestleMania card completely is the one that Rusev should have seen against Bobby Lashley, as announced by the AEW wrestler himself, in his latest interview on the Chris Jericho podcast.

As we have seen, in the end, Bobby Lashley saw it up against Aleister Black, in a match that was not supposed to be on Paul Heyman's first card, as Black was supposed to be involved in a fight against probably none other than Brock Lesnar.

Original plans for this year’s WWE WrestleMania revealed

Rusev was supposed to go to battle with his wife's new husband, in a mixed tag team match, with Lana and Lashley on one side and Rusev on the other and another partner who had not yet been identified, but who would most likely be may have been Liv Morgan.

Going back to talking about Brock Lesnar, however, the most popular names for what was to be the farewell match for the title of the Beast, were those of Drew McIntyre (who eventually went on to win on Lesnar) and the almost absurd one of Aleister Black, with Paul Heyman who has always pushed the athlete in every way towards the Chairman, who, however, has never been much fascinated by him.

As for one of the other great WrestleMania cartel matches, namely the one between The Undertaker and AJ Styles, Paul Heyman's idea was to have either the match that finally aired or another big match between the Deadman and Randy Orton or Seth Rollins.

If Randy Orton had not been chosen by Undertaker as an opponent, he would have instead gone to face the rest of the other two, AJ Styles or Seth Rollins, with the return to Edge's Rumble which has instead upset once again the plans of the WWE he immediately turned for an Edge vs Orton that paid off all the efforts made by the management.