Santana Garrett called up earlier this year by WWE

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Santana Garrett called up earlier this year by WWE

In recent months, WWE has faced an emergency never seen in the rings of any other federation in the world in the history of wrestling and just like WWE, all other companies in the discipline of the globe have faced a global pandemic, which in the last 100 years had never worried anyone, with the Stamford-based federation which more than any other, has seen its catchment area shrink, especially as regards live shows.

All the plans that the management of the McMahon company had foreseen for the first months of the year, in fact, were literally thrown to the winds, due to the considerable changes that the WWE had to undergo week after week, with a roster cut down by absences more important, such as those of Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn or Becky Lynch and the small internal outbreaks that blocked the entire programming of the federation for several weeks for how it was to be broadcast.

After telling you about several athletes who moved to the WWE main roster at the beginning of the year, with the most important name being Chelsea Green, who joined the WWE main brand and then disappeared into thin air as early as February, another name appears in the list of "drafted but never used" by the Stamford-based company.

According to what was reported in the last hours by the Fightful website, the NXT athlete Santana Garrett would also have been moved to Raw or Smackdown with the intent of the WWE which was to use the girl permanently in the main shows of the company, but after an only appearance in July, of the girl, there has been no more news, as happened, moreover, to colleagues Chelsea Green, Vanessa Borne and even Mercedes Martinez.

Although the absence of Mercedes Martinez is to be found in her precise desire to leave the Retribution, as requested by the same girl, as regards the other colleagues, however, there would be no official or unofficial news at the moment.

Santana Garrett called up earlier this year by WWE

As stated by several insiders, the girls were probably taken as members of the Retribution stable at their beginnings, with the masks and hoods that covered the faces of all the members of the stable, which in the end was only 5 people left.

Another “phantom call-up” from WWE NXT to the main roster has occurred, according to Fightful Select. Word is that Santana Garrett was “called up” to the main roster this past summer, but never debuted.

Garrett worked on RAW, Main Event and NXT throughout the spring, and then disappeared from TV in May. She returned to action on the July 1 NXT Great American Bash Night Two show, losing to Mercedes Martinez, but has not been seen on TV since then.

There were several creative pitches for Garrett, including having her as a member of a tag team, but the ideas never made it through to the TV. Garrett’s “phantom call-up” is similar to the situations with Vanessa Borne and Chelsea Greene, who were also called up earlier this year but never actually appeared as main roster Superstars.

Garrett signed a contract with WWE in 2019, but had worked the MYC in 2017 and made a few enhancement talent appearances before signing.