The Rascalz expected to sign with WWE

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The Rascalz expected to sign with WWE

In the last period, the WWE has unfortunately granted itself several releases, due to the financial problems arising from the world pandemic, which have effectively blocked all the live events that the federation held during its week, but also from all tickets no longer sold for its audience in TV tapings and monthly PPVs, with a substantial shortfall that from one day to the next no longer entered the coffers of the McMahon company and which therefore forced the management to make some obligatory choices a bit unhappy.

Although more than 100 employees were released in April, including wrestlers, road agents, backstage workers and office employees, it seems now the WWE would have gone on the counterattack, or in search of new talent to be able to include in its rosters, once built the ThuderDome in Orlando and the CWC, also in Orlando, in which the public, real or virtual, can also be inserted.

Apparently, according to what was revealed by various sites in the sector, the three components of the Rascalz are said to have already finished their commitments with Impact Wrestling last week, or in any case they should be blocked for a few more days, before becoming real free agents.

The trio formed by Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel, seen in the Impact Wrestling rings in recent months, would have received a substantial offer from WWE for a development contract that would obviously start from NXT, with the three very young people of Impact Wrestling that after their luck in the rings of the American company that was once called TNA, can now make the famous leap in the McMahon rings.

The Rascalz expected to sign with WWE

Apparently, according to reports from the Wrestling Inc site, now the signing of the boys would be only a formality, with the agreement obtained by the three former PWG and former CZW, which would have been carried out by the WWE in a rather tight manner, given the great the company's interest in bringing the talents of '94 Impact Wrestling to its rings, which could soon become great faces that the Stamford federation could brand with a big "made in WWE"

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz, and Trey Miguel) are headed to WWE, Wrestling Inc. has learned. As previously reported, the trio are currently free agents. During a segment on last night's episode of Impact Wrestling, it was revealed that the group were being evicted from The Treehouse because they haven't paid rent in two years.

Wrestling Inc. has learned learned that the group has a standing offer from WWE. While they have not yet officially signed the deal, it is just considered a formality and they are expected to join the company. In their final match with Impact, Miguel will team with Rich Swann to face Xavier and Wentz on next week's episode of Impact Wrestling.