Update on the 2020 Survivor Series card

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Update on the 2020 Survivor Series card

As reported on several occasions by WWE over the last few weeks, this year's edition of the last Big Four of 2020, Survivor Series, will be entirely dedicated to the career of The Undertaker, who turns 30 this year. hard work in the rings of the Stamford-based company, with the McMahons who wanted to pay tribute to the great work done by the Deadman in these 3 very long decades, in which The Undertaker has made WWE great with its unsurpassed performance.

As reported in recent days, the first name, one that of a great former WWE athlete had already come out thanks to the rumors of the Super Luchas site, with the name of Savio Vega which was the first confirmed by the well-known Mexican site that deals with Lucha Libre, for the evening of November 22nd, in the great WWE PPV.

Apparently, however, Savio Vega will not be the only one to go to pay his tribute to the Deadman but will be accompanied by several Superstars and former WWE Superstars in this farewell that will surely be very heartfelt.

Survivor Series: It's the 30th anniversary of The Undertaker

As revealed in the last few hours by the well-known site PW Insider, the "brother" of The Undertaker's ring, Kane, will also appear at the Survivor Series to greet the half-brother of the Brothers of Destruction, as well as The Godfather, who has covered a very important part of the his career in the WWF rings together with the Deadman, with the two who have become good friends even in real life, as well as at work.

As it turns out, WWE is building a truly epic moment for its future Hall of Famer, with The Undertaker's career coming to a truly bang, with a huge tribute that for the moment we have only seen Ric Flair receive in his farewell to the ring in the now distant 2008, in an episode of Monday Night Raw entirely dedicated to him, after the defeat suffered against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania.

However, at the moment it is not known exactly what WWE has in mind, but we are sure that the event will not only be very popular, but also built to the best, given the great ability of the management of the federation to set up these tributes, especially for one of his "favorite sons", as the Deadman has been for decades.

Bad Boy Roman Reigns is only just hitting a groove as WWE Universal Champion. He's shrugged off The Fiend, battered Jey Uso and is looking around for future challengers on SmackDown. But before then he'll have to deal with Randy Orton, who finally dethroned Drew McIntyre at the umpteenth time of asking at Hell in a Cell. Both men have a fair bit of momentum going into this one. Both men are in this for personal rather than brand supremacy.