Seth Rollins reportedly set to take break from wrestling soon

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Seth Rollins reportedly set to take break from wrestling soon

As reported several times, the first child of the WWE Superstars, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch is due to be born at the end of the year, with the two who should have married this year, but with the pandemic that has upset all the plans of the Stamford-based company and also those of the private life of the two athletes, who, however, did not give up the desire to have a child, with Becky Lynch who became pregnant right around Wrestlemania and who a few weeks later had to abandon the scenes of the federation precisely for having found her pregnancy.

From May to today, Becky Lynch has no longer appeared on the WWE scene, not even in a spoken or video segment, with fans thrashing to see her again on stage and with the only person connected to her being the ex Monday. Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, who is currently working in the Smackdown ring, where he is still carrying on his feud with the entire Mysterio family and Murphy.

Seth Rollins to take time off from WWE

As already rumored in August, the former WWE Universal Champion is expected to take a long break from the WWE rings once his child is born, with the former Shield Architect confirming his desire to stay awhile 'of time off-screen for several months already.
To confirm this initial rumor, which would now have become real news confirmed by various online sources, the well-known site Ringside News also arrived, which in the course of yesterday, reported the news that Seth Rollins will take a break quite substantial, the duration of which is still quite uncertain, given that the timing and date of birth of the beautiful Irish WWE are not even known.

Apparently, the month of the birth should be that of December, but no specific date would have been released by the couple, nor would anything be known about the departure of Seth Rollins, who would thus find himself in front of his first real break.

from the ring, not forced by an injury, but by one of the most beautiful events that can happen to a man: the birth of a child. He is a member of SmackDown's Survivor Series team, so will be working the PPV later this month, but will likely take some time off shortly after.

It's also not known how long he's scheduled to be away from WWE. WrestlingNews speculate that Rollins will be 'staying home for a couple of weeks' but his absence shouldn't impact his current storyline, because there are several players involved in the Mysterio drama.

Since arriving, Seth has been a workhorse for WWE and hasn't previously taken any substantial time off unless recovering from injury. His break will be well deserved.