Booker T reveals his favorite 5 wrestlers

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Booker T reveals his favorite 5 wrestlers

All of us fans have a favorite wrestler and everyone in the WWE Universe often enjoys drawing up rankings with their favorites or at least with those they consider among the strongest in the ring. This not only affects wrestling fans but often former wrestlers and insiders have fun making such rankings as well.

This is the case of Booker T, a former wrestler who, during the Podcast Hall of Fame, together with Brad Gilmore, has drawn up the ranking of his 5 favorite wrestlers. The former wrestler not only mentioned the names of those he likes best but also specified their reasons.

Booker T was asked who his favorite 5 wrestlers are

Here are his words: "At number 5 on this ranking I will put former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Then coming to number 4 I really like what Bobby Lashley is doing. Personally, I hope that Bobby moves to the next stage in terms of a level.

superior, he deserves to confront himself at a higher level. After 3, I insert Kevin Owens who cannot fail to be among my favorites, we are talking about a fighter who always gives his best and always tries to improve himself in every way, both at home and at work.

At position number 2 is Roman Reigns who has made a big comeback and has recently completed his rise as a Tribal Chief in the world of wrestling. His recent work is exceptional and The Big Dog is seen in an absolutely different way than before”.

Booker T has thus reached number 1 on this chart and has placed a surprise name in his personal first place. Surprisingly enough, Booker T cited Sami Zayn as his favorite WWE superstar. The current commentator believes that Zayn has the knowledge, skill and know-how to do his job to be a top-notch guy in any company.

Here are his words: "As number 1 I enter Sami Zayn. I wish I had 10 Sami Zayn and I could build a great company around guys with this knowledge and talent. Sami does this job to the best of his ability and always tries to achieve something.

better. This is the wrestler I know and this is Sami Zayn. He is always on the front line and if I could muster troops I would always want him with me. Obviously I can't speak for everyone else but if you ask me my 5 favorites I can only choose him.

That’s the type of guy that Sami is. He is not looking to hang in the back. He is always the guy that is going to be raising his hand looking to get to the front of the class. If I could rally the troops for everyone to understand what a guy like Sami Zayn does.

He makes it real to me. I can’t speak for everybody else but he makes it real for me from a perspective that being in the favorite five is a no-brainer. It really is”.