Likely reason why Vince McMahon missed SmackDown

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Likely reason why Vince McMahon missed SmackDown

Vince McMahon, Chairman of WWE, is a constant presence in the backstage of the federation, both when playing Monday Night Raw and when it is time for Friday Night SmackDown. As PWInsider reported, in the latest episode of the blue show, the Chairman and undisputed owner of WWE did not attend the show and this is the first show he has not attended since WWE moved to the ThunderDome last August.

During the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer newsletter it was specified why Vince did not attend the show.

Update on Vince McMahon

Well-known colleague Dave Meltzer specified that Vince McMahon did not participate due to the US presidential election results, but he missed last week's SmackDown.

Here are his specific words: "There have been some rumors that his absence was linked to the election results in some form "It should be noted that Vince McMahon is very close friends with the current (until now) president of the United States Donald Trump who this time lost the elections (only officiality is missing) against Democrat Joe Biden.

Vince McMahon is a very strong personality within the backstage and all decisions about what happens on the roster depend on him but some wrestlers have denied the rumors that the Chairman has a bad temper. The Undertaker, one of the legends of the wrestling world, spoke about Vince McMahon and the relationship with him, during an interview with the New York Post: "Vince is not at all the monster that some say but he is actually a person very caring and affable.

In addition to this, the Deadman clarified the possibility of returning to fight in the ring: "It really doesn't appeal to me to go back right now also because it would mean bypassing my limits. My skills can be used to make a storyline but basically on a physical level I have big shortcomings and I don't know how much I can handle."

The Hitman was due to start with WCW – WWE’s fierce rivals at the time – the next night and McMahon did this to make sure Hart didn’t turn up on Nitro with the WWE title, scorned from what Madusa had done with his women’s title in 1995.

Hart was furious Vince McMahon would embarrass him in his home country of Canada and lie to him like that after years of loyal service. Two years later his brother, Owen, would die making an entrance for WWE and the company has been accused of negligence in the events surrounding his death.