The Miz: 'I guess I'm everyone's clown'

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The Miz: 'I guess I'm everyone's clown'

In recent weeks The Miz has certainly been the star of one of the most surprising episodes in WWE. The wrestler beat Otis in Hell in A Cell and thus conquered the briefcase for Money in The Bank, now the wrestler is back in contention for the title and both Roman Reigns and Randy Orton have to watch their backs.

Mr. Money the Bank confirms his nickname and has made interesting statements. The wrestler is one of the most experienced wrestlers, he has once held the WWE Championship title, eight times the Intercontinental Championship title and many other titles.

He also won the 2010 edition of Mr. Money in The Bank where he then cashed on Randy Orton and in 2020 with this victory he equaled CM Punk and Edge.

The Miz on his WWE career

Here are the statements of The Miz: "If they had told me that I would get the briefcase of Money in the Bank again I would never have believed it.

The stories are finally going the way they should and I think I can find a way to achieve success. Now very little is missing, who knows maybe I could hit Randy Orton with a chair and back him or I could crash on a Roman Reigns table, the truth is that no one is more deserving than me to be the WWE Champion or the Universal WWE Champion"

The choice to win The Miz, as reported by Ringside News, was made by the Chairman of the WWE himself, Vince McMahon, who would have decided to give a strong enough shake to the storylines of the company, shifting the attention once again to the briefcase.

of MITB, just like it was for Otis' victory. Vince McMahon has opted for this choice to upset the stories a little and intervene as usual on his own. Although many asked the Chairman to be patient, Vince would instead have decided to immediately stage the event, so as to shake up the storylines of the company, perhaps trying to stir the interest of the average WWE Universe Fan and thus convince him to continue to follow the events of your company.

With the handful of movies he's appeared in and the various shows he's hosted, you would have to believe The Miz is stretched thin when it comes to life outside of his work. He talked about balancing his career and his family time when he and Maryse joined Notsam Wrestling.

"That's what you have to do when you are a WWE Superstar. When I'm home, I'm Mike Mizanin; I'm a dad to Monroe and Madison. I am their clown, I am their entertainment all day long," said Miz.