Rusev recalls the build to his WrestleMania 31 match with John Cena

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Rusev recalls the build to his WrestleMania 31 match with John Cena

Rusev came back as a surprise in the episode of Raw on September 16, 2019 (not accompanied by Lana) brutally attacking Mike Kanellis, then defeating him in a few seconds. In the episode of Raw on September 23, Rusev successfully defeated EC3.

In the episode of Raw on September 30, Rusev faced Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship but the match ended in no-contest firstly for the appearance of Bobby Lashley who kissed Lana (Rusev's wife) on the stage and then for the appearance of "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt later.

Prior to this, he had saved his challenger from an attack by Randy Orton and King Corbin, effectively making a turn face. On October 31, at Crown Jewel, Rusev, Ali, Ricochet, Roman Reigns and Shorty G defeated Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, King Corbin, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura.

On the November 4th episode of Raw, Rusev defeated Drew McIntyre by disqualification due to the intervention of Bobby Lashley. On December 15, at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Rusev was defeated by Bobby Lashley in a Tables match.

On the December 23 episode of Raw, Rusev easily defeated No Way Jose. In the episode of Raw on January 13, 2020, Rusev was defeated for the second time by Bobby Lashley. On the January 20 episode of Raw, Rusev and Liv Morgan were defeated by Bobby Lashley and Lana in a Mixed Tag Team match.

In the episode of Raw on February 17, Rusev and Humberto Carrillo were defeated by Angel Garza and Bobby Lashley. On April 15, Rusev was officially released by WWE. In a recent edition of Talk is Jericho, Miro discussed the build to his WrestleMania 31 match with John Cena.

Rusev on his match with John Cena

“Thank god for CJ, she remembers everything. She reminded me that originally we were supposed to work Cena at SummerSlam instead of WrestleMania. But I think [Daniel] Bryan hurt his head or his neck or whatever it was, and he was out.

That moved everything to me and John Cena at Mania. But they had a plan. They had a plan and that was the good thing about WWE – they had a plan and they stuck to it, which paid off. You protect me for so long, and I think one time, it was me and Jake [Hager] actually – we had a pay-per-view match and Vince didn’t want me to lose at all – no pins, no submissions, nothing.

But they couldn’t figure out a way out of the match, and I had to hit with him a flag and it was a DQ. It counted against me losing. I remember Vince getting up from his chair – I was told that from the producer – and goes up to him and said ‘Thank you for fucking up the kid’s career’ or something like that.

That didn’t mean anything because the producer goes out later that night and was like ‘I was just kidding’ [laughs]. You know how it is" - Rusev explained. “I don’t know if it was mixup or whatever, but then we worked and got to Royal Rumble where I got second after Roman was there.

We were in Philly in everyone was chanting my name, but they were chanting just because they didn’t like Roman. I knew that. Then the Rock came in and they finally threw me out, and backstage, we started working with Cena on the backstage interview, and we kind of butted heads.

We started ever since then, and I think that was the most blessed time of my career. You know – you’ve worked John and he’s so good, man. He’s just so good. What’s your four moves – this, this, and this, and I’ll see you there…..he always makes it good.

It doesn’t matter if there are 5,000 people, 10,000, or 80,000 – he will make it good, he will work hard, and at the end of the day, everybody is gonna be loving him”.