Randy Orton's poignant tribute to Eddie Guerrero

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Randy Orton's poignant tribute to Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero passed away on November 13, 2005, almost exactly 15 years ago now. And exactly 15 years ago, on November 14, an exciting, sad and unforgettable episode of Raw was broadcast in tribute to Latino Heat. The frames of that Minneapolis night are carved in the memory of the fans as in stone.

And the same goes for the Superstars who lived those two hours in the ring, including those who played a cruel and ruthless character like Randy Orton at the time. Mister RKO was just 25 at the time and was in the middle of his first stint as a Legend Killer.

On the Raw stage and then on the show he was among those who best managed to hide the emotion and pain of the loss of Eddie Guerrero. But fifteen years later he wanted to tell his emotions on Instagram. Also paying a moving tribute to the one who for him was not only an idol but also a colleague and friend who had provided him with important advice in the previous months.

Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero and that painful night 15 years ago

Randy Orton chose an image on Instagram to remember Eddie Guerrero and that painful night in November 2005. "15 years ago me along with the rest of the crew, wore an armband with ‘EG’ on it.

I was able to do some digging and find mine from that day. It was our way of paying tribute to one of the best performers and people in our lockerroom. I don’t remember a lot from back then, but I remember that day. I remember getting to the arena and hearing the devastating news.

I think I wrestled Cena that night. None of our heads were ‘in it’, because of our tremendous loss. Today I know many people around the world will watch some Eddie Guerrero classics, in remembrance of his talent. I’ll be doing the same.

#eddieguerrero #rip #vivalaraza" This is not the only memory that Randy Orton has dedicated to Eddie Guerrero in recent weeks. In fact, in October, on the occasion of the unforgettable champion's missing birthday, he dedicated another very sweet thought to him, telling the world how Eddie was decisive in the very first years of his career. And showing the world a Randy Orton that very few, both in WWE and outside, have got to know in all these years.