Seth Rollins taking leave from WWE

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Seth Rollins taking leave from WWE

As you all know by now, Becky Lynch is absent from the WWE TV screens for her first pregnancy faced by the side of her future husband Seth Rollins, with the two who were supposed to get married in 2020 (before the year went all bizarre) and which has not only brought a pandemic but also several logistical, economic and practical as well as mental problems for the wrestlers.

Since Becky Lynch is absent from the WWE rings, leaving the title of Monday Night Raw champion in the hands of Asuka, winner of the Money in the Bank which this time was valid for the title that Becky had vacated, the beautiful Irish she never showed up in the McMahon federation rings anymore, not even for a greeting or a promo on the microphone.

Apparently, also the future father Seth Rollins, would have ended his feud with the Mysterio family, with the former WWE Universal Champion who should be absent shortly from the scene, just waiting for the birth of his son, who should be now imminent.

Rumors on Seth Rollins

If The Man's prolonged absence is not enough, his partner will soon be absent, with a long pause (sacrosanct), which will sanction the very first period of life of the child, who should be born on an unspecified day of the month.

of December. According to what was revealed by the pages of the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, Seth Rollins should take a period of rest from work ranging from 4 to 6 weeks, to see the birth of his first child live and above all to stay close to his future wife in one of the most beautiful and important moments for a family.

If everything goes as planned, Seth Rollins should be back in time for the Royal Rumble, the first major event that WWE holds in January, which next year will be staged on the 24th of the first month of 2021. Given the choice of the former WWE Champion to be absent at the end of the year, a return in style in the real fight of January is not excluded, which is always a place of great returns on stage for the WWE and its protagonists.

Lynch has been showing the fact that she's getting a bit closer to having the baby on social media and is due some time in December. If Rollins leaves next Friday or Sunday, that would give him time to spend with Lynch, be there for the birth of their child and then make his way back to WWE once they'll all had some important time together.

Rollins is at the top of his game with The Messiah character, but taking time off to be with his other-half is the right to do.