New backstage details on Zelina Vega's release

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New backstage details on Zelina Vega's release

Zelina Vega said goodbye to WWE on a Friday night, a few hours into the SmackDown episode. This is the latest act in a story that looked extremely promising for Muñeca, and instead ended in the blink of an eye or so.

And if her h*t reaction was in the name of the most genuine desperation, in the meantime new, more disturbing details have emerged about his last day of work at WWE. According to what has emerged from America, and has become public thanks to Sean Ross Sapp of '', Zelina Vega was, in fact, already present at SmackDown when she learned that she was no longer under contract with the WWE.

She then regularly went to the recordings of the blue show, in which it was drafted on 12 October, only to discover directly on the spot that she was removed from the company. Moreover, the news of his farewell to WWE, which left most of the fans and even the professionals in shock, was certainly surprising even inside the locker rooms of WWE itself, but also of AEW and Impact.

New details on Zelina Vega's release

According to reports from 'Ringside News', in fact, there were those in WWE all in all expected it. Indeed, "she saw the bomb getting closer and closer" Steve Carrier, head of the popular American site, claims that a member of the company's creative team revealed that such a situation was not entirely unforeseeable for him and his colleagues, given that Zelina Vega was limiting herself in the TV matches of recent times, while as a manager she no longer had any Superstars under his wing.

A reconstruction that clashes with what another source claims, according to which Zelina Vega had now entered the preferences of Vince McMahon himself. 'Ringside News', however, has added another aspect that certainly may have affected the removal of the Muñeca, and linked to its now all too well-known social activities outside the WWE.

In this case, however, Twitch is not involved, but OnlyFans. The platform on which Zelina Vega debuted, even wanting to advertise everything by personally reporting it to at least one website that deals with wrestling in America.

A drop that would have broken the proverbial camel, and which could be among the main causes of Zelina Vega's farewell to WWE. "We don't know but it's starting to look like, obviously that this might be the last one for a while," Black said.

"We haven't been told anything... but, like, it's not definite, it's not like this is the last final stream ever." Vega added, "Although it could be. I want you to be prepared for that, too." The issue of WWE's third-party edict drew the attention of former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who criticized the decision when it was revealed.