Finn Balor is ready to face The Undertaker

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Finn Balor is ready to face The Undertaker

As has been known for some time, The Undertaker has now decided to hang up his boots, stopping being an active wrestler and then deciding to retire from the world of pro-wrestling as a real wrestler, communicating his decision beyond that to Vince McMahon, Chairman of WWE, also to all his audience, thanks to the speech made in the last episode of the docu-series dedicated to him and aired on the WWE Network: The Last Ride.

After the shocking revelation, which fans of the WWE Universe had been expecting for some time now and to which they were never used at the same time, WWE has also decided to organize a great tribute to its legendary Deadman, dedicating the edition of the Survivor Series this year, entirely to the figure of The Undertaker.

Although The Undertaker's career is now to be considered definitively closed, more than someone on the WWE roster would still be pushing to have a match against him, given that the undertaker is still one of those characters who has made millions grow.

of fans and tens of thousands of wrestlers to the sound of stellar performances in the McMahon rings, with the athletes who now tread the rings of the company who have grown up watching the actions of the Deadman and who now would like to tread the rings with him, even in a very simple how short promo or match.

After the challenge reached the legendary athlete via social media, by Bray Wyatt, who confirmed how The Undertaker has never fought against the Fiend but only with his less strong version, that is that of the "normal" Wyatt, now it is touched also to NXT Champion Finn Balor.

Finn Balor on The Undertaker

Although The Undertaker is now retired according to what is his thought, if he had wanted, the historic athlete would have already had several great challenges open in front of him, with a majestic career that would have continued to give great emotions to WWE fans, who despite everything, they still hope for a little bit.

The Undertaker is set to give his Final Farewell at Survivor Series. We’ll have to see if that really means he’s retired, but he claims to be. If he has one more match, then Finn Balor is first in line. WWE On Fox’s Twitter account posted a question asking: “If Undertaker has ONE MORE match it should be with,” and Balor liked the tweet.

It didn’t take WWE On Fox’s social media team long to notice the NXT Champion liked that tweet. Balor then replied to WWE On Fox by posting a photo showing himself as the Demon King vs The Deadman on a Fantasy Matches card.

That match might be incredible, but time seems to have passed it by. We’ll just have to see if Vince McMahon ever suggests that match to Taker because it might be hard to pass up.