Kane comments on The Undertaker's farewell

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Kane comments on The Undertaker's farewell

The Undertaker continues to declare himself permanently retired from WWE in-ring action, but apparently several of his colleagues and WWE Universe fans do not believe him, with the latest interviews of several known characters on the federation's TV screens they would be sure that the Deadman will have at least one more big match before truly retiring.

If the announcement made by the Undertaker himself to The Last Ride's microphones wasn't enough, to try to make fans and insiders understand that the undertaker has really retired, there will be an entire edition of Survivor Series, which management of the McMahon-owned company wanted to dedicate to the thirty-year career of the Deadman, with the ppv of next November 22nd which will see Undertaker's famous "Final Farewell" staged, in the company of several lifelong ring friends.

If the fans' desire to see Mark Calaway in the ring again at 55 is not enough to make it clear how important Undertaker is still for WWE, his ring "half-brother" Kane is also thinking about pushing for the Deadman not to retire yet, with the latest interview of the "Devil's Favorite Demon", who in fact still left the door open for one last great Taker match.

Kane on The Undertaker

To the microphones of the journalist Ryan Satin, Kane revealed that the match with Sting would still be waiting for Undertaker if only he said yes, with many other challenges that could still go on stage: "Oh I do not know.

Maybe against me (laughter ed) at some point, you know! Another Kane and The Undertaker or with the Brothers of Destruction. And then, of course, I think the dream match everyone wants is Undertaker vs Sting. We'll see if they happen, but certainly there are several and many also have the approval of The Undertaker, because he wanted to be involved and probably now he will also be very angry with me because, you know, because now I am forcefully inserting him into the matches.

I should probably remain silent now. "On the other hand, however, in his latest interview, The Undertaker responded to rumors of his unexpected return to the ring, saying to The Wrap's microphones: "I'm going in that direction, but I still work for someone named Vince McMahon, whose motto is 'Never say never' And I'll leave this sentence there.

In my eyes, yes, I'm officially retired." In practice, although he considers himself retired, the last word in WWE is always that of Vince McMahon, who would be the only person who can convince the Deadman to take on the role of the gravedigger, even for one big match before the real and definitive retirement of the historic athlete of the company.