Update on Roman Reigns' WWE future

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Update on Roman Reigns' WWE future

Since his return to WWE in the Pay per View of SummerSlam, Roman Reigns is increasingly the ruler and driver of the company. Only shortly after his return, the Big Dog won the WWE Universal Champion title at Payback and relied on "adviser" Paul Heyman.

In recent months Roman Reigns has had a family feud with his cousin Jey Uso, he beat him sharply in two circumstances and thus became The Tribal Chief, also recognized by Uso himself.

News on Roman Reigns

Over the course of the latest edition of PWTorch Wade Keller told interesting updates on WWE's future plans for the increasingly dominant champion at Smackdown.

In fact, Keller told of a possible feud between The Tribal Chief and even Daniel Bryan. Here are his words: "Jey Uso's attack on Daniel Bryan? I suspect Daniel will be part of this feud for some time yet. It is possible that he was only there to be beaten and maybe he will move on to other things, but this is a hypothesis to be considered.

Jey really got this role right and can be proud of his work." Currently, Roman Reigns is planning a match at the Survivor Series against WWE Champion Randy Orton, but this meeting is lacking as in the next episode of Monday Night Raw there will be a challenge for the title between the Legend Killer and the former champion, The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre.

Recently, Jey Uso, who recently joined his cousin and new leader Roman Reigns, explained his attack on Daniel Bryan in this way, describing the actions of last October 30th: "In the last two months everyone has seen what was happening.

I lost two big Pay per View against Roman and this is a much deeper thing than what you see on TV, I am sorry for Daniel Bryan, for his family and in general for my actions and at the same time, I am also sorry for my family.

Daniel was in the wrong place at the wrong time, really. It was a kind of oath and he couldn't get away from it. This is the game we play in this family." While Jey has already aligned himself with the 'Tribal Chief' by attacking Daniel Bryan and turning heel on SmackDown, it's expected Jimmy will follow soon.

This will spark a change in The Usos, which will see them wrestle shirtless as Reigns does. Their 'Day One Ish' music will also be replaced, with the stable getting a new entrance theme. A source told WrestlingNews: "This story is meant to elevate Roman but also to bring Jimmy and Jey up to the next level as well."