Doc Gallows on WWE Locker Room’s “Old Guard”

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Doc Gallows on WWE Locker Room’s “Old Guard”

Doc Gallows was known as Luke Gallows in WWE and is a former WWE wrestler. He recently spoke about the “Old Guard” in the WWE locker room. Luke Gallow is known for his work in the Bullet Club and was released in April as part of WWE’s budget cuts due to the pandemic.

Gallows worked for the WWE for nearly 8 years before he was released.

Doc Gallows on WWE Locker Room Environment

In his first stint, he joined WWE in 2005 and left in 2010. He had a number of different gimmicks during that run, including Imposter Kane.

He joined WWE again in 2016. He used the name Luke Gallows during that time. On the Gorilla Position, he was asked about any differences in the locker room in between in two stints. "100 per cent. I don't talk about a lot of WWE anymore.

It's not because I don't have a lot of friends there; I became friends with or already friends with guys like Bray Wyatt, who I was there for the first week he signed with FCW. I went down when I was getting repackage from Festus to Luke," recalled Gallows.

"I didn't know Roman Reigns [in FCW]. A lot of their top tier guys stepped up, and Braun Strowman is one of them. And a lot of their other guys were cool, but I really looked at Roman and Bray to a degree." Gallows joined just before the end of the Attitude Era.

After that era, the Ruthless Aggression Era started, which was an interesting time for WWE. According to Gallows, the business was very different back then, and new guys were not welcome in the locker room as they are right now.

"The locker room that I was in from 2005 to 2010 was one that wasn't always a positive experience," admitted Doc Gallows. "It was a lot of the old guard, and they weren't welcoming to a lot of the new guys.

Being a young guy in that environment wasn't necessarily enjoyable, but when I got back to WWE, I saw the way things were, and the guys were working together as a team. They enjoyed being there together in the ring and outside the ring.

I really tip my hat off to those guys. I always thought a team atmosphere in a locker room with competition was good because you need to strive to be the best, whether it's in singles, tag team, comedy, spots, or whatever you do.

You have to be the best. I told Roman that a time or two in the ring, during serious moments, that I was really impressed by that and it did a lot for the business."