The Miz Speaks About His Family and Being World Champion

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The Miz Speaks About His Family and Being World Champion

The Miz is one of the most famous WWE superstars in the world and he recently spoke about being a world champion and getting his family involved in WWE. The Miz was, at one time, a main event talent and regularly fought the best superstars that WWE had.

His feud with John Cena was one of the best of his career and he was known as one of the best heels in the past decade during that time.

The Miz on Getting his Family involved in WWE Storylines.

The Miz is not afraid to get members of his family involved in WWE storylines.

His wife is actually a WWE Superstar, called Maryse. She returned to WWE in 2016 and he played a huge part in her return. His father was also part of his storyline with Shane McMahon. He was involved during the build-up, which saw Shane and The Miz wrestler at WrestleMania 35.

During one instance, Miz’s father got into the ring to save his son. "Do you understand now what has happened? My dad has turned that 15 minutes of fame into 15 years. Every Monday night he calls me and he goes, 'Mike, do you know what you are doing wrong?' I go, 'Dad, I've been doing this for 15 years.

I don't need you to tell me.' He goes, 'Obviously, you do. I was in the ring for five minutes and I became a meme. I went viral and everyone's talking about me.' Now, I have to listen to him all the time," joked The Miz on NotSam Wrestling.

The Miz recently won the Money in the Bank briefcase by defeating Otis for it. Otis was the actual legitimate winner of the MITB, but The Miz got him into putting it on the line during a match. The Miz can challenge any world champion anytime he wishes.

He hasn’t won a major world title in a number of years. He can of course change all that using a successful MITB cash in. "Let's face it. I have the Money in the Bank contract right now. I can cash in anytime, anywhere.

Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, whoever has the WWE or Universal Championship at the time, I have the opportunity to get that. I know that when I'm with my wife, Maryse, I know nothing can stop me. So, you never know," stated The Miz.

"This isn't the Intercontinental Title we're talking about. Granted, it was the prestigious and most honorable title when I had it. If I have the WWE or Universal Championship, I am the poster child of WWE. I am the talk. If I'm the talk, guess who else is the talk? My Mrs., Maryse."