When will Seth Rollins take his break?

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When will Seth Rollins take his break?

In the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, well-known journalist Dave Meltzer discussed the decision to end the now eternal feud between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio, which took place at Friday Night Smackdown after several months.

All of this would have depended on the decision by the former Monday Night Messiah to take a break from the ring for a while, a decision reported by colleagues at Ringside News.

Update on Seth Rollins

Here are the words of well-known colleague Dave Meltzer: "Becky Lynch will give birth within a week or two.

This is why they finished the challenge with Rey this week, there will be the match between Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy next week and then the Survivor Series and then maybe something later. The reality is that the Messiah will be gone for a while before the New Year begins.

I don't know if there is a precise date, but this is the one that came to me and I don't know exactly if it's the real one." From what has come in the last few hours, it has been said that the story between Buddy Murphy and the Mysterio family will continue despite everything and even a sensational hypothesis has sprung up regarding a marriage between Murphy and Rey's daughter, the very young Aalyah.

In the last episode of the blue show, we saw Murphy help Mysterio to win and in the end, we realized that Rey and Dominik have definitely accepted Murphy. As for Seth Rollins, according to reports from Ringside News, the wrestler should take a period of rest from work ranging from 4 to 6 weeks, to see live the birth of the firstborn and above all to stay close to his future wife in one of the most beautiful and important moments for his life and for his family.

If all goes well, Seth Rollins should be back in time for the Royal Rumble, the first major event that the WWE holds in January and that next year will be staged on the 24th of the first month of 2021. While Meltzer is speculating that Rollins will be away until January 1, another report from WrestlingInc suggests that he could return at the Royal Rumble later in January.

Even though 'The Messiah' is set to be off WWE TV for around four to six weeks, Murphy's storyline with Mysterio is set to continue in his absence. Rollins will face his former disciple on SmackDown next week, but what happens after that is yet to be seen.