News details on Roman Reigns' WWE status

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News details on Roman Reigns' WWE status

During this year's edition of Summerslam, Roman Reigns made his return to the WWE rings, after months away from the scene due to the worldwide pandemic that had scared the whole world, immediately showing a side of himself that fans of the WWE Universe had not yet seen.

Soon, what initially seemed like it might just be a little frustration or a little more energy to return to the ring after months of inactivity, turned into a real turn heel. Reigns, also thanks to the help from Paul Heyman, managed to get his hands on the Universal Championship.

Backstage on Roman Reigns

Interviewed by the microphones of the Sports Illustrated newspaper, the on-screen manager of the Universal champion also wanted to have his say, with the Mad Genius who in fact revealed: "I had wanted it to happen for a long time, Roman Reigns had long wanted it to happen and Vince McMahon had long wanted it to happen.

But the timing was never right. Roman Reigns couldn't be removed from the industry's top star face, not even a year ago. He hadn't lived enough, he wasn't grown up enough, and he didn't have enough experience.

He always looked too young. But now, look at his face, you will see someone with more experience, someone who has lived. He literally fucked his cousin inside Hell in a Cell and said he has been doing it since they were kids and he's been doing it for 35 now and he looks like he's really 35.

He looks like a fucking 35-year-old son of a bitch, but he's still 35. Before this step, he always seemed to be 20 or 30 and was therefore always too young. He hadn't lived and he didn't even have scars. Now, you can see the war in his face.

Now, you can see the pressure of obligations and responsibilities, the responsibility of the absolute burden - I think that's the keyword when it comes to characterizing the best WWE Superstar - the burden and weight of that burden is what they did to Roman.Reigns."

With his excellent and impeccable words, Paul Heyman has thus explained the situation around the Universal Champion of Smackdown, with Roman Reigns who now really looks like a warlord forged by a thousand battles, and who alone carries the weight of being the best Superstar. of WWE, which also brings negative sides, such as those listed by Heyman.