Update on Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy's storyline

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Update on Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy's storyline

In recent weeks, on the Friday Night Smackdown TV screens, one of the flagship storylines that kept WWE Universe fans glued to the screen was certainly the one that featured the Mysterio family, Murphy and Seth Rollins, with the family of Mexican origins who has finally found his revenge on the former Messiah of Raw, after all the abuses and attacks received, thanks to the victory of Rey Mysterio over him in the "Final Chapter" of the last episode of the blue show.

Right after Rey's victory, which came thanks to the fundamental help of her daughter's boyfriend, Murphy, the head of the Mysterio family wanted to give his green light to his daughter's love story with the now-former enemy, with Dominik and with even the mother of Aalyah Mysterio who was present, and who finally hugged the athlete, making him feel at home.

According to what was revealed by the well-known overseas site Wrestling News, apparently, WWE would like to stage one of the many angles already seen in which a wrestler gets married in his rings with a lot of ceremonies, as it already happened years ago with Edge, Kane, Theodore Long, Lana and Lashley and many more.

Rumors on Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy

As reported by the pages of the site: "The Murphy-Mysterio story will continue in some form. At some point, there were already discussions about a marriage with Murphy who would return to heel with his family.

The plans may have changed but we only heard about this a few days ago and they have known about Rollins' imminent absence for some time." From what it seems, one of the many evolutions of one of the main storylines of Friday Night Smackdown, could include a marriage between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy, with the latter who could however return to the side of the heels, attacking the entire Mysterio family and maybe turning his back on Aalyah too, with the relationship between the two serving Murphy only to get to hurt the family in an even more important way, after leaving the scenes of his Messiah.

Meanwhile, Mark Calaway - the man behind pro-wrestling's greatest character - has done it all in WWE. Inside the ring, he was a seven-time world champion, but more important than the gold he won is his reputation amongst fans and his colleagues.

The Undertaker is an icon - perhaps WWE's greatest ever - and there's not a single fan or wrestler that would say a bad word about him. There's no doubt that he'll go into the Hall of Fame too, perhaps as early as next year.