WWE champion Randy Orton fined for his actions

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WWE champion Randy Orton fined for his actions

Throughout the history of WWE, the federation has always played on the thread regarding the intertwining of storyline and reality, with many of the real facts that happened to the company's wrestlers being used for some storyline which, in the end, also went to have some background on the real-life of the McMahon fighters.

It was not unusual, in fact, to see two real-life couples who then went to give them a lot of reasons in the WWE rings, such as the triangle between Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge, when the girl left the eldest of the brothers Hardy and then put with the Rated R Superstar, with a huge feud which was then staged also on the WWE rings, or the deaths of Eddie Guerrero or Paul Bearer which were used by the company's management to receive heat from two of his flagship heels at the time, such as CM Punk and Randy Orton.

The latter, WWE Champion Randy Orton, once again became the protagonist of an event that happened in the storyline, which for many, however, is hard to believe is fake, given the ease with which it also happens in the life of all days.

News on Randy Orton

As seen extensively in the last episode of Monday Night Raw last week, Randy Orton had come to attack WWE official Adam Pearce in a backstage segment, with the company Viper literally slamming Pearce into the wall, after.

learning about this week's titled match against Drew McIntyre. Going into detail and opening the official website, we read how Orton was fined for the actions last week against Adam Pearce, the WWE official he had got his hands on, behaving unprofessionally and thus deserving punishment from the part.

of the McMahon company. McIntyre had a new entrance, walking to the ring wearing a kilt and stabbing a giant claymore sword into the entrance ramp -- both were given to him earlier in the night by Sheamus, who said he got them from McIntyre's mother and that they were family heirlooms.

McIntyre dominated early, forcing Orton to decide to walk off and take the 10 counts, but Adam Pearce interrupted to say the match now featured no count-outs or disqualifications. Orton quickly brought a chair into the equation, using the weapon to take over.

Orton would continue to take shortcuts, using the ring steps and a thumb to the eye as McIntyre was on his comeback. McIntyre was able to hit a Future Shock DDT for a two count and then knocked Orton from the ring apron through a table set up at ringside for another near fall. After more back-and-forth action, McIntyre hit the Claymore to win back the championship.