*Spoiler* Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss bring chaos

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*Spoiler* Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss bring chaos

After going straight to WWE Champion Randy Orton, it would seem that the couple formed by Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt have now changed interests, going to challenge a couple of two men on Raw, which the WWE Universe does not like so much.

We are talking about The Miz and John Morrison. During the episode of the red show aired in the night, in fact, there was a match between The Miz and Bray Wyatt (in its "normal" version), which saw the two wrestlers with a demonic alter ego push themselves further and further.

towards the couple formed by the winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase and his best friend. The match arose from a previous segment that took place during the episode, in which The Miz had called Wyatt crazy and with the former leader of the Wyatt Family who had announced his challenge to a dispute against The Miz in the weekly episode of Firefly Fun House.

Bray Wyatt’s friend Alexa Bliss plays the enforcer

During the match of the evening between Bray Wyatt (who seemed totally face in this context) and The Miz, Alexa Bliss also intervened in favor of her mentor, with Nikki cross who tried to reason with her former best friend, who for all response hit her in the face, with a slap, probably sanctioning the definitive rupture of their friendship.

If all this were not enough, then Bray Wyatt arrived to win the match, with the friend of The Miz, who while Wyatt was about to score with his Sister Abigail, was instead hit by a flight of the beautiful Alexa, which literally threw herself against John Morrison, hurling him over the barriers that divide the (virtual) public from the ring.

Apparently, the list of victims claimed by the Wyatt-Bliss duo will continue to grow, with Miz and Morrison likely to be just a temporary fallback, before Wyatt or the Fiend find a new grand feud to stage in the Raw rings, with the Survivor Series which could be just the perfect scenario to start a long series of attacks that fans of the WWE Universe can't wait to see again on stage.

Miz commented on The Fiend going missing from Raw, which became the subject of discussion in the Firefly Funhouse segment. The challenge was made to the Miz, which he agreed to just before the eventual match would take place.

Miz and Wyatt faced off at TLC 2019 in what was also a very unusual match. This match between the two was significantly better, especially due to the presence of Alexa Bliss at ringside. Bray started the match cowering from the Miz, even though he was by far the most imposing figure in the ring. Miz laid into Wyatt with punches and jabs, but Wyatt just danced away from the pain.