Huge feud planned for WWE champion Drew McIntyre

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Huge feud planned for WWE champion Drew McIntyre

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, the Main Event saw a sensational turnaround in the red show with Drew McIntyre, who, just days after losing the title, triumphed on Raw and returned to champion at the expense of The Viper Randy Orton.

During today's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer took stock of the situation and narrated the probable plans for the future of Drew McIntyre.

Update on Drew McIntyre

As Meltzer reported before Raw, a sensational rumor had sprung up that he saw Sheamus as the one who would take The Scottish Psychopath away from the chance to take the title.

In reality, things didn't turn out that way (fortunately for him) and Drew McIntyre took the WWE Champion title. Now apparently Sheamus could prove to be the next challenger for the champion's title and at the moment his great friend.

In fact, Meltzer added that WWE wants a feud between the two he considers best friends at the moment, mindful of their adventure in Europe in 2007. The same Scottish Psychopath, at the beginning of the year, spoke to Sports Illustrated: "Before coming both in America and signing with WWE we were involved in a feud in Europe.

Here we fought together in Florida Championship Wrestling and both of us were top months champions. Initially, his career took off while mine took a downward spiral, then things changed and I was WWE Champion. The reality is that in a possible feud between us we could really include a lot of things from our past that we have never shown on television so far."

After winning the title against Orton, Drew McIntyre immediately launched the challenge to his next opponent, Roman Reigns who will meet at the Survivor Series: "You told me to go get the Roman title and I did. Now it's your turn, see you on Sunday."

Recent backstage segments involving McIntyre and Sheamus are being done to establish the duo as friends before WWE pulls the trigger on the feud. This will likely mean Sheamus turning on Drew somewhere down the line. McIntyre has previously talked up the prospect of feuding with the 'Celtic Warrior', telling Sports Illustrated that they could "include so many parts of our past in that feud that have never been featured on television."

McIntyre defeated Orton in a 25-minute main event on last night's Raw. He is now a two-time WWE Champion after regaining the belt from 'The Viper', who took the strap at Hell In A Cell 2020, felling Drew inside the titular structure. Randy's 14th World Title reign ended at 22 days.