Kurt Angle returning at WWE Survivor Series 2020

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Kurt Angle returning at WWE Survivor Series 2020

This year's edition of WWE's last Big Four of the year - Survivor Series - will be entirely dedicated to the 30-year career of the historic gravedigger of the Stamford-based federation, The Undertaker, with the McMahons who have chosen the ppv in which the Deadman he made his debut about three decades ago, setting up a truly unforgettable evening for him, which as already announced, will be full of surprises and characters that have not been seen for some time in the company's rings.

After reporting the rumors that Superstars of the caliber of Kane, Savio Vega and The Godfather, all friends of the Deadman also in real life, would like to return, several other great Superstars of the past should appear at the ThunderDome next Sunday, with different Hall of Famers and legends that should appear somehow, whether in video or in flesh and blood, to pay their tribute to The Undertaker on the day of his farewell to the WWE scenes.

According to what was reported by the pages of the well-known site PW Insider in the last few hours, even the WWE Hall of Famer released by the McMahon-owned company in April, Kurt Angle, should appear on the scene next November 22, with the Olympic champion of the federation that should be present at the ThunderDome always for the salute to the Deadman.

Already, we’ve heard how Kane, the Godfather and Savio Vega will be amongst those attending Survivor Series, with several other familiar faces expected to be at the PPV to pay their respects to the Phenom.

Kurt Angle also being brought to WWE Survivor Series

Right now, it’s not known whether these legends will be featured on camera or whether their role will be limited to simply being backstage to be in the vicinity for the 30th anniversary of the Undertaker’s WWE debut all the way back at the 1990 edition of the Survivor Series.

Where Kurt Angle is concerned, the multiple-time World Champion was formally released from his job as a WWE producer back in April as part of the company’s mass cuts. Since then, Angle has appeared as the referee in an NXT bout between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher, and the Olympic Hero also reportedly turned down an offer to serve as Riddle’s on-screen manager once the Original Bro was moved to the main roster.

The 2020 Survivor Series PPV takes place this Sunday from Orlando’s Amway Center. Vega recently appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast and talked about being in attendance this coming Sunday. "So far, I'm going to be just there.

Some of the BSK members are going to be there, and we'll see what happens," Vega said. "I hope something happens there. I'm just happy to be with my crew, my guys. You got Fatu (Rikishi), you got Papa Shango / The Godfather, you got Taker [and] you got the Godwinns. I mean, I'm happy just for that."