Reason why The Miz won the Money In The Bank contract

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Reason why The Miz won the Money In The Bank contract

As we have seen during the last PPV staged by WWE in his ThunderDome, Hell in a Cell, The Miz succeeded thanks to a turn heel by Tucker, a former longtime friend of Otis, who attacked him in the middle of the match between the two, to win the Money in the Bank that the big-headed Smackdown had won in the homonymous match of the PPV which took place several months ago.

After a big push received by the athlete who according to the storyline is still Mandy Rose's boyfriend, it would seem that the WWE management has lost some faith in what are the means of the Smackdown Superstar, with Vince McMahon who initially was treated as if he were one of his pupils and who now seems to have discharged him almost definitively.

The possible reason why The Miz won the Money In The Bank contract

Although we had already reported to you a few weeks ago that the motivation behind this drastic change was to be found in a desire by Vince McMahon and the management, in general, to give a shock to the storyline of Mr Money in the Bank, apparently, in the last hours it would be the real reason for the change of ownership of the briefcase came out.

During one of the latest updates by Dave Meltzer during the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known journalist would have confided to his fans that the real reason why the briefcase would have passed from the hands of Otis to those of The Miz, would be to be found in the fact that WWE was looking for someone whose status could carry the briefcase to next year, without dropping public interest in the famous container.

Although the real reason why Vince would lose interest in Otis has not been confirmed, the character of The Miz was still more reliable to act as a "ferryman" of the briefcase from now to 2021, with the character of Otis having instead entered.

a dead-end, with fans and the same management who had almost completely lost interest in his character or in the briefcase he carried with him. We will see then, how long it will take The Miz to collect his titled option and above all if he will choose the WWE Championship of Raw or the Universal Championship of Smackdown, since the athlete has the possibility to rush anyone he wants, in any time of year or card of any event.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the Money In The Bank contract and why WWE decided to have The Miz hold it at this point. According to Meltzer, WWE put it on The Miz because they aren't really interested in it being cashed in right now.

The plans are to both champions strongly at the moment and they see Miz as someone who can hold the MITB contract for the time being: "He better not cash-in because that would be... you know, I think it's on him because they needed a guy who could not cash it in this year, you know, because the whole idea is they're going to strong with Randy Orton or Drew and Roman Reigns probably isn't losing the title any time soon but who knows because Roman Reigns with a long title run was not the idea, believe it or not.

Even though it seems so obvious it was not the idea. I don't know what the... I have no idea who's the guy who was supposed to be the champion because they've basically devalued everybody else."