WWE Survivor Series match expected to be a 'squash'

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WWE Survivor Series match expected to be a 'squash'

As has become customary in recent years, even the Survivor Series edition of this bizarre 2020 will see the roster war at the center of the scenes, with the Raw and Smackdown Superstars battling each other in practically all the matches included in the card of the event, between Champion vs Champion contests and both male and female team matches, which have now become the symbol of WWE's last Big Four of the year for several years.

The biggest peculiarity of this year's event is that WWE will also stage the salute to its legendary The Undertaker, right on the day of the war between the two rosters, with several legends appearing on-screen, to greet the Company Deadman.

Update on Survivor Series card

Although it doesn't take the news to understand that the athlete who emerges victorious from the Champion vs Champion match between the United States Raw champion, Bobby Lashley and the Intercontinental Smackdown champion, Sami Zayn, will surely be the mammoth black athlete of the show red, it seems, that victory could come even sooner than many fans think.

Although Sami Zayn managed to beat athletes much older than Lashley, apparently the WWE strategy would be to have a real squash match between the two at the Series, as already reported in the last hours by the Wrestling Observer website.

In a daily update, Dave Meltzer revealed: "Even if Sami Zayn is much better than Bobby Lashley, they will work to have a squash match." Apparently, although there may be a promo of Zayn before the match, in which the Canadian WWE talent could try to keep the Raw beast good, it is practically almost certain that their meeting will not last long, with the management of the federation that will therefore try to close the dispute as quickly as possible, to build even more the character of Lashley as that of a destroyer.

The 34th edition of Survivor Series will feature the traditional matches and will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Undertaker's WWE debut. While the event will feature no title matches, all the champions from both the brands will go head-to-head on the tight along with the traditional elimination tag team matches from both the men's and women's roster.

The champions from Raw will face the champions from SmackDown for brand supremacy. Plus, five members from each brand will lock horns in two traditional Survivor Series elimination match-up. The event takes place on Sunday (November 22) at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.