Drew McIntyre reveals sword he used on Raw belongs to Vince McMahon

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Drew McIntyre reveals sword he used on Raw belongs to Vince McMahon

WWE has a new overall champion. In fact, Drew McIntyre beat former WWE Championship holder, Randy Orton, in the main event of the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on USA Network last Monday, with the Scottish member of the McMahon federation who showed up for the appointment in the full Scottish style, with kilt and sword ready for the event, which showed fans the true origins of the champion of Ayr.

Just as the challenger entered the scene, some of the most curious and attentive fans of the WWE Universe realized that the sword the Scottish athlete carried with him was not a simple prop, but a real sword in steel, with the future new WWE world champion who pierced the stage of the entrance ramp to the ring, in a very heartfelt and scenographic gesture.

Details on Drew McIntyre's sword

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the same WWE Champion in his latest interview released to the microphones of FOX Sports, the sword used on the scene would be the personal property of none other than the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, with the same patron of the federation who would have proposed McIntyre to enter with the weapon from his private collection.

During the interview, Drew McIntyre, in fact, said: "Recently, Vince and I had a conversation about this. I was just thinking about how to get out in the ring, whether to wear a kilt. But of course, he didn't want such a simple exit.

So all of a sudden, we got the idea of ​​the sword and the fires and he was really pleased with it. I think I got the cat out of the bag. The sword was actually Vince's. It had been given to him by Stephanie and Hunter.

I don't know what he was thinking during the conversation, but at some point, the dilemma arose 'we need a sword, but we don't have it' And Vince then replied 'I have a sword' So I heard this and I replied 'Obviously, you have a sword.'

" The WWE Chairman, for the uninitiated, is a very serious collector; it is not news that Vince McMahon collects the most disparate objects, such as a T-Rex skull in his office in Stamford, which was also framed during the Money in the Bank Ladder match that took place right at the Titan Towers in the Connecticut town.

Therefore, a real sword could be missing from Vince's private collection? Drew McIntyre's win has now set-up a Survivor Series dream match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. It was also the first time in five years the company's top belt had changed hands on an episode of RAW. Yet McIntyre made almost as many headlines for his special entrance.