WWE changes direction for Roman Reigns' title

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WWE changes direction for Roman Reigns' title

Roman Reigns is increasingly comfortable in his newfound role as Universal Champion, whom he is honoring with entirely new narrative dynamics than he had accustomed WWE fans over the previous five years. The one who used to be the Aries of the Shield, the lonely Samoan Big Dog and then The Guy able to smash the Undertaker at WrestleMania, is now a ruthless chieftain who lets himself be led by Paul Heyman and has put himself at the head of a faction all family and without any qualms.

Yet it seems that things shouldn't have been like this. As reported by Dave Meltzer on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio', in fact, the original WWE program was to make Roman Reigns champion, but for a much more transitory reign than what turned out to be.

The response that fans reserved for the ruthless new Roman Reigns, however, meant that the intentions were changed in the race.

Update on Roman Reigns

"Believe it or not, Roman Reigns' reign was not supposed to be as long as it is turning out.

While that seems like the most obvious idea, it's actually not what they had had in WWE from the beginning. I'm not sure who would have been. had to defeat him in the meantime, but the fact is that now all the others are losing value in comparison to him", explained the expert journalist.

Recall that at the moment Roman Reigns no longer has a real challenger for the title, so much so that he started a real feud with Drew McIntyre even before the latter regained possession of the WWE Champion title. The two will face each other at the Survivor Series in the now traditional challenge between the two champions on the main roster, and at that point, it's easy to imagine that new challenges will come for him in that of SmackDown.

With one certainty, however: that his role as Universal Champion, in the WWE's general plans, is currently more solid than ever. Obviously, nothing is certain yet, but according to many sources including Triple H, WWE COO, Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns will definitely be put staged by the McMahon company, with the match that could become a great classic over time, like the great challenges in the company's ring by their predecessors The Rock and Steve Austin and with Hunter who has already compared the in-ring skills of the four many times.

Drew McIntyre will get a shot at Randy Orton’s WWE Title on tonight’s episode of RAW. You never know how WWE can book the situation, but Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE could hold Reigns vs McIntyre for an even bigger event.