Update on Kurt Angle's appearance at WWE Survivor Series

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Update on Kurt Angle's appearance at WWE Survivor Series

Among the many high-level guest stars who will take part in the Survivor Series to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of The Undertaker's debut in WWE, there could also be one of the Digger's quintessential rivals, especially in his very long and fortuitous break at SmackDown: Kurt Angle.

Mike Johnson on 'PWInsider', explained that he has received guarantees on the presence of the Olympic Hero, although he is not sure about the role that will be destined for him. The well-known journalist explained that among those present there will also be Kane, The Godfather and Savio Vega.

It is not said, however, by Johnson's own admission, that the four will actually have a television role during the Survivor Series. "It remains to be seen if any of them will appear on camera - explained the head of 'PWInsider'

It is entirely possible that they will be involved to film content on the WWE Network, or additional material related to the future retirement of Undertaker."

Update on Kurt Angle's appearance

Kurt Angle was released by WWE from his position as a producer last April, licensed to luxury as part of the cost-cutting that WWE decided in the wake of the economic and health emergency.

Since then, Stamford's company has offered its six-time world champion the chance to return to direct the Raw Riddle star. Kurt Angle, however, turned down this proposal. During an interview with 'PWInsider' earlier this year, Angle explained: "Two situations need my 100% attention.

One is my new protein snack company, and the other thing was money. . Quite simply ... they weren't enough. I wasn't going to be anyone's manager for the amount of money they wanted to give me." All situations that, evidently, for The Undertaker did not recur.

So much so that Kurt Angle to be able to greet him worthily will return to collaborate with the WWE. There's no confirmation on why Angle is attending the pay-per-view, but it's believed that he is being brought in for the "Final Farewell" for The Undertaker.

As we've noted, several of Taker's closest friends are being brought to Survivor Series to be there for Taker's farewell, including Savio Vega, WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather, The Godwinns and Kane. There's still no word on if these Superstars will be used on camera, or if they're just being brought in to film material related to Taker.

Angle was released from his WWE producer job back in April due to the COVID-19 cuts. Since then WWE has offered Angle another job, and to come in and manage Riddle, but he turned the opportunity down as he is focused on other projects.