WWE almost hired Victoria for backstage position

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WWE almost hired Victoria for backstage position

During the special episodes that WWE usually airs from time to time for the milestones achieved by Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown, it has often happened that some legends of the WWE world came back to peep into the rings of the Stamford company, with some well-known faces from the past of the McMahon-owned federation returning one night only for a special appearance.

Among the many faces that have appeared in one or more shows over the last decade, a few times we have also seen the former WWE female champion, Victoria, whose real name is Lise Marie Varon, appear. Victoria has fought in other major world companies such as Impact Wrestling under the name of Tara, who at the time would have decided to quit wrestling wrestling and who apparently should have also made a special appearance in this year's Royal Rumble, but that was not the case in the end.

WWE almost hired Victoria for backstage position

As revealed by Victoria herself in her latest interview with the well-known Wrestling Inc site, the former WWE world champion said: "I spoke to them for a long time after my divorce and moving to California.

I went to live at my brother Mike's house and stayed there for a while with my bags all packed up. I didn't want to unpack everything because we had already talked about a possible trainer role with WWE, so at any moment I could have left.

So as soon as I got to my brother's I called them and asked 'Hi guys, I'm living away from home now. Will you give me an apartment since I live in my brother's house? I can't invade his house forever'

So he called me Fit Finlay at the end and said 'They've already hired someone for that trainer position. They took Sarah Stock ', which is a great choice. I love her. But I was just hoping someone would call me to tell me they had already made a choice, at least I could organize myself.

In the end I was not upset for not having that job, I was upset because I contacted them several times and in the end I had to wait days before they told me how things were. I needed to organize the next chapter of my life.

"In the end, unfortunately, WWE also did without the services of Sarah Stock, with her name re-entering the long list of names cut off by WWE due to related problems. the pandemic and the lack of audiences and live show revenue.

The best Women's Championship match in Survivor Series history came in 2002. Trish Stratus' reign was in serious jeopardy as she squared off with Victoria in a Hardcore match. Trish and Victoria knew how to tell a good story and Victoria was a psychotic heel.

This was one of the most violent women's matches in history and both women did not hold back. Ultimately, Victoria clinched her first Women's Championship at Madison Square Garden.