Potential spoiler on WWE Survivor Series 2020

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Potential spoiler on WWE Survivor Series 2020

Next Sunday, the Survivor Series Pay-Per-View (PPV) will be held, an event among the Big Four of the WWE and much anticipated because it will see the main characters of the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown rosters opposite.

Probably the most anticipated match between champions is the one between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre with the latter having recently regained the title of WWE Champion at the expense of Randy Orton and who on Sunday will find himself face to face with the Tribal Chief again.

Their first meeting took place in fact in the last episode of SmackDown. In addition to their match, there is curiosity about the one between the two queens at this moment in the WWE, the clash between Asuka and Sasha Banks, a match repeated several times at the WWE Universe in recent months.

Update on Survivor Series

One of the most interesting matches in WWE is certainly the one between Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn and the United States champion Bobby Lashley. According to reports from the well-known colleague Dave Meltzer in the last episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, it will be the champion we always see on Raw in the ranks of the Hurt Business to win the victory.

Meltzer reported that although the WWE Universe and many insiders consider Zayn superior, WWE will opt to give the Hurt Business member success and this could lead to new criticism and controversy towards Vince McMahon's federation.

In fact, many think that the WWE does not fully exploit the qualities of the current Intercontinental Champion and recently even a former wrestler like Booker T veiled criticism of the federation. Booker T in fact placed Zayn at the top of the ranking of his favorite WWE wrestlers and at the same time this consideration made the WWE Universe feel a certain criticism of Vince McMahon's federation.

In this ranking Sami Zayn preceded champions such as Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley himself and Drew McIntyre, all currently great protagonists within the McMahon family shows. In an extended conversation with CBS Sports, Michaels said that he was not familiar with The Undertaker (real name Mark Calaway) prior to his on-screen debut at the 1990 Survivor Series beyond having seen a few clips of him as Mean Mark Callous in WCW.

In the locker room, however, there was a belief that the character concept of The Undertaker would have a short life despite being unique. "I was a lower mid-card tag team guy at the time," Michaels said. "From the locker room scuttlebutt I was hearing, it was this unbelievably cool character.

As I've told over the years, the biggest takeaway I can recall is everyone thinking it was very cool and a great idea, but we all questioned what kind of longevity a character like that can have."