Charlotte Flair talks about Ronda Rousey's retirement, hints about her role

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Charlotte Flair talks about Ronda Rousey's retirement, hints about her role

One of the female Superstars who has been most supported in recent years despite her debut coming to pro-wrestling rings very recently is undoubtedly Ronda Rousey, former world champion of the MMA world, who grew up on the UFC octagons and eventually passed into the Vince McMahon-owned rings, with a move that truly made the history of the discipline, with the first real and very famous fighter in the world of mixed martial arts who made her passage to the wrestling rings and not the opposite path.

Already in recent years, some WWE Superstars had given themselves to the world of MMA, such as Brock Lesnar who had become world heavyweight champion always in UFC or other colleagues such as CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Bobby Lashley or Jack Swagger, all of them who have been wrestlers who from one day to the next began to train for real matches inside steel cages, in a discipline so different from what the world of wrestling is.

It had never happened, however, that a very great Superstar of the MMA world arrived on a permanent basis in WWE and Ronda Rousey was the first to do it in the best way.

Did Charlotte Flair push Ronda Rousey to retire?

The former Raw world champion has been away for several months now, who we remember lost her title in last year's Triple Threat match, which took place in Wrestlemania against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and since then, Ronda Rousey has disappeared from the ring of the WWE, with several fans still looking for the former fighter, who do not know if and when he will ever return to the McMahon square.

After all this time, Charlotte Flair has been trying to shed some light on what the situation of her former arch enemy is, with a particular episode that according to the daughter of the Nature Boy would have prompted Ronda Rousey to retire from the world of pro-wrestling.

In one of her latest tweets with a partly ironic and partly deliberately pungent character, in fact, the WWE Queen wrote: "The night Ronda stopped wanting to be a wrestler, IMO" Obviously, the reference is clear to their match of Survivor Series 2018, where Charlotte Flair raged in a really strong way against Ronda Rousey, who is now an ex-fighter, with several blunt objects and with the fans of the WWE Universe who supported the actions of Charlotte, who at the time was a heel, instead of staying by the side of the public's darling, who shortly afterwards began working as a heel, given what she got from the public.