Jon Moxley and wife Renee Young expecting their first child

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Jon Moxley and wife Renee Young expecting their first child

It was a very difficult 2020 for all of us and certainly the same was true for wrestling fans and for all the protagonists who make us excited every week. Finally, however, wonderful news has arrived that has involved two characters no longer in the WWE world, but certainly very well known in pro wrestling.

During the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, wrestler Jon Moxley literally shocked the wrestling world by announcing during a TV promo that his partner Renée Young is pregnant. After the wrestler, almost simultaneously, the partner posted a sweet social snapshot on Instagram in which the two of them were embracing each other.

The caption accompanying this post was a couple of emoticons. One, with two people and a child and the other, a heart.

The post and the succeeding social reactions

Moxley and Young's post received replies from fellow members of the wrestling fraternity who congratulated the couple.

There were also many exciting messages from the world of WWE and from others, too. Renée Young and Jon Moxley met within WWE (when he was known as Dean Ambrose and was already part of the Unforgettable Shield) and began dating in 2013.

The spark immediately took off with the couple who got married in 2017. Through Twitter, Renée Young then told a funny and embarrassing curtain that saw her starring with a WWE star, the wrestler Bayley. In fact, Renée discovered through a test that she was pregnant and a few minutes later she sent a message to her partner.

Only later, the former WWE presenter realized that she had sent the message to Bayley and immediately burst out laughing. Replying to Bayley's tweet about her receiving the message instead of Moxley, Young said, "100% the way you found out.

*I thought I was texting Jon a pregnancy update. I was in fact, texting @itsBayleyWWE" After debuting in WWE "wrestling that matters", Jon Moxley is now one of the main protagonists of All Elite Wrestling and the wrestler has repeatedly said he has a great relationship with AEW owner Tony Khan.

Moxley also praised how Khan's federation treated wrestlers during the pandemic and how they handled a difficult enough situation. Moxley had previously left the WWE on acrimonious terms.